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## NBC News Reverses Decision on Ronna McDaniel as On-Air Contributor

NBC News has decided to cancel its plans to bring former Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel on board as an on-air contributor for its political coverage. This decision was made after receiving significant backlash from both internal staff and external viewers.

In a memo to staff on Tuesday, NBC News Group Chairman Cesar Conde announced this reversal, stating that he had listened to the concerns raised and decided that McDaniel would not be joining as a contributor. The initial announcement of McDaniel’s hiring had sparked criticism, especially from NBC’s progressive cable news channel MSNBC hosts, who condemned her defense of former President Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

The swift change in direction by NBC News leadership highlights the power of internal dissent and the importance of listening to the feedback of staff and viewers. The situation also sheds light on the challenges faced by news outlets in navigating politically polarized environments, where presenting diverse viewpoints can be contentious.

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