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## Situation Overview
Hi everyone. I recently went through a divorce and it was finalized last week. Interestingly, my ex-husband is not the father of my child, as indicated in the acknowledgment and denial of paternity documents attached to the final decree. Despite this, I have just been informed that there is now a child support case against me.

## Current Dilemma
I am at a loss on how to proceed in this unexpected turn of events. I am attempting to contact someone regarding this issue, but we all know how frustrating that process can be. To add to the stress, my ex-husband is understandably panicking as he is already heavily indebted in child support payments to another individual.

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  • EndlessCrisis

    Do you know who their father is ? When they were born were you guys married?

  • vixey0910

    Is there a support order in your divorce decree? How can a child support case just open if neither of you asked the state to intervene and there is no child support order?

    Does the order specifically state that he’s not the dad? Does the order say child support is $0 because he’s not the dad?

  • overthinker-always

    I’m assuming you were still married to him when the child was born? I think most states automatically count your husband as the father

  • Plane_Motor_7497

    I’m pretty sure you can drop it off

  • Acceptable_Branch588

    Did you look at the names? Are you in any state assistance?
    Could it be they opened a case against your finance, the father of your baby now that you are not married?