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### Frustration with Multiple C&P Exams and VES Appointment

I have been through the same frustrating experience of attending C&P exams multiple times, totaling four exams so far. Today, I received a notice for another VES appointment, which involves the same grueling griffin exams. It feels like the VA is determined to seek a doctor who will align with their predetermined findings, despite the two rejections my claim has already faced.

Despite having ample documentation from doctors and undergoing examinations by two VA C&P examiners, I am being summoned for yet another round of exams. While I will comply and attend the appointment in person, the sense of unfairness and injustice is undeniable.

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  • l8tn8

    The VA hates everyone, if that makes you feel any better.

  • VeteranWarriorSF

    I am a rater and they hate me as a veteran the same as everyone else. I have had to do supplementals, BVA appeals, and have a HLR in right now

  • EZPZLemonWheezy

    I’ve come to the conclusion the VA doesn’t care enough to hate anyone. It’s just that their indifference is deafening.

  • Amputee69

    It’s not hate. It’s LOVE. The VA LOVES the USAF best, and enjoys seeing us all they can.

    Ok, so I do understand your frustrations. I don’t understand how we can get a 100% rating for something, get paid a few times, and out of nowhere a letter comes for a VA C&P or VES or one of the others.
    Make plans to be there, show up, and “We don’t have you on the schedule.” What??? Hand them the letter. 20 minutes of computer craziness. “It appears you were not notified that you are at 100% and won’t have anymore exams. You should be getting your pay in the next ten days” I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Wait! Do I get travel for this???? “No sir, since the appointment was cancelled, and no exam was done, the VA (VES) doesn’t reimburse you for your 200 mile round trip.” “You have a good day and a safe trip home.”
    And folks wonder why we are crazy!!!!

  • alathea_squared

    You’re assuming that the examiners are reading and answering the questions properly and adequately. Unfortunately, I get a few a week that don’t and I have to send them back, or, you or someone submitted new evidence in the meantime before rating and now it needs a new exam because of the change.

  • WARD0Gs2

    They hate us all you ain’t special 😉

  • mwthread

    I have a 4th exam for same condition tomorrow. Sometimes I think they keep scheduling exams until one they will deny you for.

  • Ok-Establishment-874

    I would request a copy all those C&P exams. Look for errors & they could be favorable evidence. Then if you find errors or favorable evidence request HLR.

  • Dull_Recognition_645

    This is happening to me as well. I just completed my 4th C&P for the same exact issue. My 3rd HLR. Unfortunately for THEM, my exams just keep getting better and more thorough, solidifying my justification for 100% rating. I’m currently RFD, but no temp jurisdiction yet. HLR open since May 2023. Best of luck to you my friend, keep fighting them… don’t give up, it’s what they want you to do.

  • jbake33

    The reality is you don’t have any idea why this new exam is ordered, and it’s just as likely that whoever ordered it is trying to help you.

  • CleveEastWriters

    Have you contacted you local representative. State or Federal. I had them asked about mine and suddenly it began to move through the system.

  • AscensionDK

    You don’t need to attend anything else if you already have all the evidence you want to submit. You can write them a letter explaining that to them.

  • Hopeful-Tradition166

    I did all my C&P exams 3-4 times for some reason but ended up with a good rating. They don’t hate you they are just incompetent

  • Next-Carrot-5140

    They are pissed the Supreme Court ruled that if you paid in you can do Post 9/11 and Montgomery GI Bill…

  • Designer-Might-7999

    Can’t you file a complaint about this? I thought there was an actual complaint you could file for repeated exams. Most of all its a waste of money. Illegals and Ukraine could be using that money instead.pssh How dare they waste money on you. Seriously thou, I would call and see what can be done

  • renegdewolf

    yep they hate me very much I have been a thorn in their side for 16 years. They actually have my wife listed in my file that if she is involved give him what he wants/needs. She blew up at them after they nearly killed me and caused more nerve damage and thought it wasn’t a big deal

  • Beneficial-Tank-3477

    What is the exam for? There is a good chance the examiner isn’t answering the question properly, and so it’s a due process thing

  • Mike8404

    Sounds like SOP to me 🤷🏼 had the same thing happen where even OPTUM said I had a condition, and the VA found Dr.s that said what they wanted to hear and denied me.

    It’s standard VA operation procedures. Don’t let it get to you

  • DesertVeteran_PA-C

    You’ll get more flies with honey than vinegar.

    You have to actually have the diagnosis. It has to be symptomatic. And you have to attach the diagnosis to your service if it’s not on a presumptive list.

    Get some help, preferably free help, which is available from and other VSO’s.

  • ideal-clips

    I love you that’s all that matters

  • Vechran

    Check my last post. Im going through the exact same thing

  • Pure_Breakfast_427

    They hate us cuz they anus. Or something like that. Do what you need to do to get your bennies. Sucks, but you go this.

  • Professional-Big-584

    OP on the phone with the VA be like


  • NotDIA

    If you received any letters saying that you were affected in 2022 with the website outage: you have two simultaneous claims! I had the same problem, they had even rated all of my first claim and I was going through the entire process again twice.

    If you get your ratings for the first claim and are happy, you can either keep getting more evidence by going to the second or third or fourth (I had four requests just for one body part for some reason) OR go to ask.VA and do a formal request to deny any further exams.

  • BackgroundPanda138

    My 1st c&p exam got my rating to 80%, 2nd one put me 1 point below compensable on literally every claim and back down to 30%

  • Feisty-Committee109

    This is a no joke I would call 1800 827 1000 let them know you have reason to believe the va is developing to deny your claim. Explain xyz that is illegal and unjust. If you pull up m21-1 Manuel look up developing to deny a claim. I would also do a self statement on form 21-4138 have it uploaded to your file c-file for fighting evidence. Most likely you will need to VA Board of appeals.
    I am going through this myself with my tinnitus claim and I have proof the person doing my claim is developing to deny.

  • Oldguy_1959

    You are not the only one. I went for 2 Optum exams for my TDUI claim already and they’ve scheduled a third. To the same doctor.

  • WrstPlayaEva

    The VA definitely hates me too. I sort of stuck on two appeals.

  • JT5224

    Get a dbq done by a private doc and likely get better rating as well.