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## Situation at the GentlemanÔÇÖs Club in NYC

I work as an exotic dancer at a gentlemanÔÇÖs club in NYC that issues us ÔÇ£funny moneyÔÇØ for private rooms that we’ve sold on credit. These expire 3 months from issue. They used to not be strict about the expiration date but lately are, and I realized late that the rules had changed because I was dancing less frequently the last few months for personal reasons.

## Issue with Expired ÔÇ£Funny MoneyÔÇØ

I unfortunately have a bit of funny money (low $X,XXX) that expired early March, and as it’s the end of March they’re refusing to convert it for me with the reason that accounting has “closed its books for the quarter.”

## Concerns and Decision-Making Process

The reason I hadn’t exchanged earlier is that they take 5% when they cut us a check, but we can pay a portion of our house fee (we pay to work) with it for 1:1 redemption.

## Seeking Advice and Legal Interpretation

Any advice? I don’t want to ruin my relationship with the club, but it’s not a small amount of money, so I’m treading lightly.

I did some research, and my thoughts are: funny money seems like company scrip which I believe cannot expire so soon under the Fair Labor Standards Act, but this unfortunately doesnÔÇÖt apply to dancers as weÔÇÖre 1099 independent contractors. I was wondering if there were similar protections for 1099 workers.

Thank you in advance! I’m prepared for the answer to be no, but I wanted to check.

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