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## Situation Overview

Good morning beautiful people. I hope you are all having a great day.

I am currently residing in Edinburgh, and on the 7th, I made a trip down to Nottingham to purchase an Audi A6. The total cost of the car was £20,000, out of which I paid £14,600 through finance and the remainder was covered through a trade-in / cash deposit.

The car seemed to be in perfect condition during the test drive, but unfortunately, halfway on my journey back home, it abruptly stopped working when I pulled over for a coffee break. I immediately contacted the dealership, and after some discussion, they agreed over the phone to cover the cost of recovering the car back to my house, which amounted to £634.

Following this incident, I took the car to an Audi specialist who discovered that the fuel pump had malfunctioned and deposited metal particles into the engine. The repair estimate provided was a staggering £7,500. This diagnosis was only finalized by Friday of the same week.

## Current Challenges and Concerns

I reached out to the dealership demanding a refund under my 30-day statutory rights, but they insist on me taking the car to an Audi main dealer for a second opinion before considering any actions. I expressed my dissatisfaction with this delay and requested an immediate refund, to which they responded that they cannot process the refund until they physically have the car in their possession. They also promised to send an email confirming their responsibility for any costs incurred, but I have yet to receive this confirmation.

All my interactions with the dealership have been verbal, with no written communication. I suspect that they might be intentionally prolonging the process to exceed the 30-day deadline, leaving me in a difficult situation.

I also contacted the finance company, who mentioned the existence of a dispute resolution team. However, they warned me that this process could drag on for several months if the dealership is uncooperative. Moreover, there is a possibility that the finance company might only pay off the outstanding amount on the finance agreement, without covering the additional costs I have incurred.

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