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Considering a Job Offer

Currently, I am earning 75k annually with small yearly increases and working once every two weeks in-office at my current job. I have been offered a new job where the starting salary is 100k, but it requires me to work in the office 3-4 times a week. The commute to this new job would be one hour each way, totaling two hours per day. It is a significant change from my current work-from-home setup.

When faced with such a decision, it can be challenging to weigh the pros and cons. On one hand, the potential for higher pay is enticing, but on the other hand, the increase in office hours and commute time may impact work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. This is where the AI Legalese Decoder can come in handy.

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The AI Legalese Decoder can assist in analyzing the job offer from a legal and contractual perspective. It can help decode any complex legal jargon in the job contract to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your employment. Additionally, it can provide insights into potential legal implications of transitioning to a new job, such as non-compete clauses or intellectual property rights.

By using the AI Legalese Decoder, you can make a more informed decision about whether the new job offer is worth it, taking into account not just the salary increase but also the impact on your daily routine and work environment. It can help you navigate the legal aspects of the job transition and ensure that you are protected legally in your new role.

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  • NavyDean

    What’s your expected growth at the WFH job? Are you making connections/advancements?

    Would the new job allow more opportunities/growth/advancements/connections? Would it improve your resume? etc etc etc

    Too much info missing that you need to ask yourself outside of the financial decision.

  • No-Active-2249

    How much money are you burning commuting the 2 hrs ? Is your time valuable?  Willing to take 25k increase and travel 2 hours for work? Is it worth it?

  • iamthefyre

    I made this mistake and paid with my health, my well-being & my time. My relationships suffered because i was always tired. My health suffered because i had no time to be active or take care of it. When i calculated the after-tax difference, it wasn’t much but i was sure spending much more, on gas, car maintenance, office clothes, offices socialization, so many expenses that no one tells you about when you are wfh. Also mind you companies that require you to work from office have a certain mindset. If you are ready to constantly be watched & monitored, only then make the switch. I left within 7months because the money wasn’t worth it & went back to a fully remote role. Im mentally doing so much better. Don’t take this decision lightly. Imagine your day-to-day, everyday.

  • veIocityferocity

    yes, because you’ve maxed out your potential. something i havent seen mentioned yet but if you don’t already have a house, salary *might* be worth more than life perks from WFH.

  • naturalbornsinner

    I don’t know what industry you’re in. But I was making a little less than you before I got another WFH job. I personally wouldn’t trade WFH. It’s much easier enjoy life when there’s no commute, more time for yourself.

    Keep an eye out for other WFH jobs and apply to them. In time something will come up.

  • tankquestionguy

    I would never do this. 2 hours a day is not worth 25k extra a year. Cut costs. Stay home.

  • millyonmymind

    Honestly I am exhausted when I come home from an in-office day. I wouldn’t do it. You get to do laundry, cook etc while wfh. You’ll likely be too tired to do it during the week and will veg out on the weekends to recharge for your work week. Commuting is a waste of time and so is being in the office if the work you do doesn’t require it. There’s also a lot of money associated with a move if u move closer.

    However, I always encourage people to do what feels right to them because then they’ll never wonder “what if”

  • BayAreaThrowawayq

    Is this GTA? If so definitely not worth it. If the city the new job is in is affordable on a 100k salary then I would consider it if you plan to move. A 2 hour commute is literally soul crushing and you will not last long at it

  • Prudent-Message-2562

    Before my current job, I used to work in Downtown Toronto for 65k. Every month, I was spending 400-500 per month approximately on PRESTO(used to pay for travel), and was waking up at around 6am for a 1 hour commute. On my way back, I used to get home by 6:30pm fully exhausted and barely wanting to do anything.

    Now I am WFH, with sometimes having to go to office if there is a team building event etc. I save my money 400-500 that I used to spend on travel and I get an extra hour sleep. At home I do chores in between my work, take a shower etc and by the time I log off, instead of being exhausted, i have energy to do other things.

    Look at it this way, You will make more money but also factor out the monthly cost for commute. Then see if its still worth it? Also depends on: the type of work you currently doing vs what you will be doing. How happy you are. Job growth. And lastly your priorities.

    For me personally, I would prefer a WFH over going to office since I am much more productive and save up money.

  • West_Principle_8190

    Use it as leverage for a raise

  • PatiencePrimary16

    2 hrs of your personal time plus transport costs of at least $10 to $20 a day so 8 hrs a week and $40-$80 if you value your time as wage for example- 8hrs x $48 = $384 plus $60 ave cost = $444 pw or $23088 pa …… I realise your increase includes super and holiday rates etc. i just believe this is best way to work it out.

  • TravellinJ

    For me, it’s quality of life more than money. That’s a large increase but subtract taxes and parking costs and commute time and potentially increased insurance rates and it may not be worth it.

    Could you use the other job as leverage to ask for a bit of a raise?

  • vander_blanc

    Put a cost to the commute, your clothes, your lunches, your coffee, your parking, and how you like to work in general and do the math.

    Also where are you in life? That two hours you are giving away has a lot more importance to some depending where they are in their life with kids or pets or hobbies or whatever.

    At 75k and at 40 hours times 52 weeks you’re making 36$ an hour.

    At 100k at 50 hours a week (for the commute) you’re now making 38$.

    Personally for me that wouldn’t be worth it. If you actually factor in your additional time and then the additional cost for that commute, clothes, food, etc. you’re actually coming out behind.

  • CrazyRunner80

    A 33% raise is a big thing. You don’t know what your life will be in 5 years. Think about the money you can save till then. And although post COVID going to office seems like a big deal, but it’s not. Even if you are able to save 10k a year, that’s like 50k savings.

  • Ok-Bug-7481

    The work from the office part isn’t the bad part imo … the two hours of your life daily you will never get back .. is the part that would make me think twice. Comes down to .. is this new position something you think you will enjoy doing and is it a stable career move for you?

    I was recently offered a higher paid position at 86k plus 10 percent annual bonus – a bit higher than I’m paid now… but it would be taking a step back into accounting and I don’t see that for me right now … had to decline .. had to weigh those options

  • RefrigeratorOk648

    It’s a work life balance thing. If you are not near retirement then that 25k is going accumulate over the years (assuming you don’t spend it all) and you will be getting pay raises from that higher salary. So you will be saving more for retirement and maybe able to retire earlier 

  • CheekyFroggy

    I am the person who would take a paycut to be fully WFH. Saved more money when WFH while making less money because I saved on transit/transportation, work clothes, eating out both during and outside of work (less energy to meal prep, gained weight in the office and am 5x more exhausted all the time, despite doing far less, so the office is a negative health aspect both mentally and physically to me), etc. Being exhausted from my office all the time also has me spending more on luxuries/conveniences that I never would have while WFH.

    Saved time is valueable, I spend 2-3 hours getting ready and bussing to and from work every day which just makes me feel extra exhausted and zombie-like.

    At least I could be productive at home during downtime to take breaks to do chores (dishes, laundry, etc) which made me so much more energetic. Now I feel like I am constantly behind on everything.

    My current job could easily be 10000% WFH but the boomer higher ups need us in office so they can feel important by telling us poors all about their pricy vacations, luxury cottages, nice cars, and so on.

  • Hot-Ambassador4831

    Personally for me it wouldn’t be worth it.
    I used to commute for 1.5 hours each way, total 3 hours per day and ever since WFH I’m happier, life is more balanced, laundry’s always done, more sleep is had, etc etc.. I wouldn’t trade that for an extra 25k. What I would do though, is keep looking for jobs which will get me closer to a 100k salary but also WFH.

  • Hailtothething

    My life feels better not going into the office. I am happy. The funny thing is, 25k, you’ll be spending more on transportation, food, clothing, socializing and social events, time that could be spent doing things you like, or making other money is gone…..

    And also, people can be insufferable when cramped into boxes with them.

  • SufficientSun6942

    I turned down 45K (90K to 135K) to stay in my full-time WFH lower stress job.

    I live comfortably on 90K. I don’t need a downgrade in quality of life for more money.

  • ald_loop

    Holy fuck no. Never. 2 hours of commute a day extra is not worth $25k. It’s probably not even worth $50k.

  • KenEnglish1986

    Home prices keep going up.

    Your salary doesn’t.

    You have a choice to make.

  • AmbitiousAbies5695

    Does WFH bring you peace, joy, and flexibility? There are some things money can’t buy.

  • StanleysMoustache

    I know this is a finance sub, but honestly not everything is about money. Extra money isn’t always more valuable than your mental health and quality of life. I think if you’re not currently struggling to get by right now and if you’re in a comfortable financial situation with your current role, your main question to yourself should be if you will be happy. Will your quality of life and mental health decrease? I don’t personally think that would be worth an extra 25k a year.

  • pistoffcynic

    It’s called the time value of money. At $20/hr it equates to $8,300 for 4 days in the office, not taking into account holidays and vacation pay in after tax dollars.

    For a 33% raise, better chance at advancement perhaps, I’d take it and try and push it back to 2-3 days in the office after you have been there and depending upon the role.

  • hammerhead2021

    I turned down a similar offer of +18k because after factoring in deductions, expenses (gas+mileage) i was left with an amount that wouldn’t change my day to day life, but 2 less hours in a day would.

  • SaskatoonHomeBuyer24

    I would never. Needs to be at least double for me for that long of a commute. I’d rather take a side job instead.

  • davy_crockett_slayer

    Hell no. An extra 25K isn’t worth the insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance, and time cost.

  • noNSFWcontent

    I work from home and have decided if the next job is in person, I’d want free lunch and onsite gym for the commute to make sense.

  • Aromatic_Ad_7484

    Judging by comments you want to take new job so do it, but be prepared for the commute