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## Memorial Day Weather Woes Continue Across Central US

After intense and deadly storms ravaged a large swath of the central United States over the weekend, Memorial Day weather woes will continue Monday – but with the diminished threat for extreme impacts this time around.

The powerful storms and suspected tornadoes were responsible for at least 19 deaths – including four children – when severe storms hit several states including Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma over the weekend.

Images of the aftermath showed piles of rubble, damaged cars, and destroyed buildings. Severe wind and rain downed trees and power lines, knocking out power for more than 600,000 people across 12 states. The storms also delayed the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 by about four hours on Sunday afternoon.

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Additionally, the National Weather Service office in Paducah is sending out at least two storm survey teams Monday to assess damage, and Gov. Andy Beshear has issued a state of emergency for affected areas. Phone lines in the Bowling Green area were knocked out, prompting police to set up alternate emergency numbers for those in need.

## Continued Storm Threats and Heatwave Across the East Coast

Harsh storms continued to pummel parts of Kentucky overnight, resulting in additional damage in some communities. The storm system is expected to move east on Monday, with its more extreme impacts subsiding. On Monday, heavy rain is expected to soak parts of the East Coast, with the possibility of isolated tornadoes along the Interstate 95 corridor from Newark, New Jersey, down to the Carolinas. Some major East Coast cities also face threats from damaging winds, while excessive heat will bake parts of the South.

By Tuesday evening, the storm front will shift into the Eastern Seaboard, creating an area of showers and severe thunderstorms over parts of eastern Missouri and the Ohio Valley. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a level 3 of 5 risk of severe thunderstorms for those areas, with associated hazards including lightning, severe thunderstorm wind gusts, hail, and a few tornadoes.

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