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Russian Authorities Confirm Identities of Individuals Killed in Plane Crash

Russian authorities have officially confirmed that the 10 individuals who lost their lives in the private plane crash north of Moscow on August 23 were all listed on the jet’s manifest. This tragic incident has brought attention to the people on board, particularly Yevgeny V. Prigozhin and Dmitri Utkin, both of whom had significant roles in the Wagner mercenary group.

One of the most prominent figures was Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, a 62-year-old businessman and leader of the Wagner group. Prigozhin had recently led a brief mutiny against Russia’s military leadership, making him a highly influential figure. His funeral took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Tuesday. Another notable individual was Dmitri Utkin, a long-time lieutenant of Prigozhin. Utkin, who was revered within the group, was buried outside of Moscow on Thursday.

The remaining individuals aboard the plane were associates of the Wagner group and three members of the flight’s crew, including two pilots and a flight attendant. Each person on board had their own unique story, shedding light on the diverse backgrounds of those involved.

Valeriy Chekalov: Wagner’s Logistics Chief

Valeriy Chekalov, 47, played a crucial role as Wagner’s logistics chief, overseeing many of Prigozhin’s ventures abroad, including those in Syria and Africa. His involvement in facilitating munition shipments to Russia led to him being sanctioned by the State Department last month. Chekalov was laid to rest on Tuesday in Northern Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Yevgeny Makaryan: A Battle-Hardened Veteran

Yevgeny Makaryan joined the Wagner group in March 2016 and fought alongside them in Syria in 2018. He sustained injuries during an assault that involved U.S. aircraft responding to the attack. Makaryan’s experiences on the battlefield showcased the intensity and volatility of conflicts involving American troops fighting the Islamic State.

Sergei Propustin: Prigozhin’s Dedicated Bodyguard

Sergei Propustin, 44, stood as one of Prigozhin’s personal bodyguards. Having fought in the second Chechen war, Propustin was no stranger to combat. He joined the Wagner group in March 2015 and had relocated to St. Petersburg after establishing a connection with Mr. Prigozhin, although the exact timeline of their meeting remains unclear.

Nikolay Matyuseyev: A Mysterious Presence

While the Dossier Center could not find an individual named Nikolay Matyuseyev among Wagner’s personnel, they did find a Nikolai Matusevich who has been serving with the group since January 2017 and has seen action in Syria. The absence of conclusive details surrounding Matyuseyev raises questions about the true nature of his involvement.

Alexander Totmin: Devoted Bodyguard

Alexander Totmin, 28, also served as one of Mr. Prigozhin’s personal bodyguards. His social media accounts indicate that he hailed from the Altai Territory in western Siberia, further emphasizing the diverse backgrounds of those connected to Prigozhin and Wagner.

Alexey Levshin: The Skilled Pilot

Alexey Levshin, the pilot of the ill-fated plane, fulfilled his lifelong dream of flying. Born in the Tambov region of Russia, he obtained his training at reputable aviation institutions like the Sasovsky Civil Aviation Flight School and the St. Petersburg Academy of Civil Aviation. Levshin’s loved ones describe him as a compassionate, hardworking individual who had been a part of Prigozhin’s team for several years.

Rustam Karimov: The Co-Pilot with a Diverse Background

Rustam Karimov, 29, served as the co-pilot of the plane. Originally from Perm, an industrial center near the Ural Mountains, he subsequently moved to St. Petersburg. Prior to this flight, Karimov had military experience and worked for S7 Airlines, indicating his extensive background in aviation. His father expressed that his son merely served as a pilot and could not have known about Prigozhin’s presence on the aircraft.

Kristina Raspopova: The Sole Female on Board

Kristina Raspopova, 39, held the role of flight attendant on the ill-fated plane, making her the only woman among the passengers. Originally from Kazakhstan, she attended Moscow Finance and Law University and resided in her hometown of Moscow. Her active social media presence painted a picture of a VIP stewardess who loved her job and seemed to enjoy life. Raspopova’s last Facebook post, depicting her suitcase and a meal, was shared a day before the tragic crash.

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