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Legal Rights in Case of Landlord Denying Keys to Rental Property

I am experiencing a unique situation where my landlord is refusing to provide me with the keys to my rental property. This is the first time I have encountered such a problem, and I am uncertain about my legal rights in this matter. I am seeking advice on how to navigate this situation.

Background Details

To provide some context, I have already paid all the necessary deposits and recently signed the lease agreement, which officially starts today. Unfortunately, once I made the deposits, the property management started treating both me and my girlfriend poorly. I suspect that their behavior is a result of my girlfriend’s inquiries made to them via text messages, which is their preferred mode of communication.

Additionally, my girlfriend is currently living out of state and will be joining me later today. As a result, she has not signed her portion of the lease yet. However, we have clearly communicated our intention for her to sign the lease upon her arrival, which falls within the business hours specified by the management.

Seeking Guidance

Given this situation, I am seeking advice on what actions I can take if I am denied the keys to the rental property. In approximately one hour, I will be visiting the leasing office to address this issue directly. I would greatly appreciate any information or suggestions regarding my legal options in this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • B3ardsandWhisk3y

    Well until both parties have signed the lease, you likely won’t be given access to the property.

  • inventingme

    Just have them send her a pdf, she can sign and return. Geez, it’s 2023. Electronic signatures are fully binding. Once she arrives, she can sign in person.

  • Puzzleheaded_Fall494

    Glad its resolved, but the reason they were withholding the keys was because it wasnt a fully executed lease until both parties signed. Your girlfriend could have gotten into the property without agreeing to their terms.

  • SportySue60

    If she is going to be living in the apartment with you and is planning on being on the lease then until she signs you don’t get keys. You seem confused there is no seperate lease for each of you. If either one of you doesn’t pay your share of the rent the other person is responsible for that share. The same if one of you moves out…

  • pogiguy2020

    I dont see where they have denied giving keys as since she has not signed the lease then it is not a completed contract.

  • oochas

    I suppose it depends on what you signed, but 99.9% you’re not getting keys until someone acceptable to the landlord from a credit standard (you or your girlfriend or likely in this case both) has committed to the lease/rent payments in writing and paid all deposits. IANYL.

  • HouseNumb3rs

    It’s protocol due to liability. It’s not that they don’t trust you but they don’t trust you.

  • sclappe

    If the lease starts today, that’s when you get keys

  • FluffyWuffyScruffyB

    You can’t lease the same property to two separate individuals at the same time. How could that work? Who is responsible? Nobody.

    Edit. Ok, correct, you can rent out individual rooms with common areas, but . Not a whole property like that. Maybe for college student in a multi -person apartment..

  • robtalee44

    In Arizona that’s how our recent leases were. An individual lease for my wife and for me. Three difference management companies for the community did it the same way. Never thought about it – didn’t really matter. Moved to another city/state, different management company, same process. Two leases. Married for 43 years.

  • -tacostacostacos

    If they refuse to give you the keys, it might be because it is a scam—they don’t actually have ownership or access to the property and it’s a ruse to get your money.

  • shhh_its_me

    Do you have your copy of the lease?

    Does it say. John Smith and Jane Doe (or some wording to the effect; John Smith is renting and Jane Doe will occupy)or does it just name you?

  • crablegsforlife

    It’s entirely possible your girlfriend annoyed them with her questions. What did she need to ask about that wasn’t covered in the lease? The contract is not executed until all parties have signed and they don’t have to give you access to the unit until then. With that said will they take a scan with her signature? It’s just as binding as pen on paper.

  • Blood_Wonder

    First off, is there a specific move in time? Some places don’t give out keys until like 10-11AM or BS for their final inspections around here.

    Are you sharing the entire unit or are you leasing seperate rooms in the unit? If you are sharing the entire unit, are you sure you have completely separate leases and they are not waiting for her to sign on to yours?

  • Reddittee007

    You may need to remind them that they can not start charging you or counting until the lease is fully finalized.

    Then gently and politely state you’d be willing to look the other way at this transgression if you were able to at least occupy the property.

    However, future looks bleak and I’d start looking for another place to move to as soon as your lease is up. They will remember all this and slam you with maximum possible rent hikes just from spite.

  • DufflesBNA

    Sounds like an incomplete lease….gf needs to sign

  • Silent_List_5006

    Demand your deposit back

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