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President Biden’s Health Agency Funds $24 Million Project to Treat Cancer and Other Diseases

WASHINGTON ÔÇö President BidenÔÇÖs fledgling health agency, designed to accelerate under-funded research, just set its sights on one of the hottest areas of medicine ÔÇö and one where the drug industry has a multibillion-dollar head start.

The White House announced Wednesday that the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) would invest $24 million in a project by Emory University. The project aims to build messenger RNA platforms to target “cancer and other diseases.” This investment will support the development of technology behind the most commonly used vaccines for Covid-19 in the United States.

The administration sees this development, called CUREIT, as part of President Biden’s larger mission to combat cancer, known as the Cancer Moonshot. However, the use of mRNA in cancer treatment is a field that has progressed slowly and unevenly. Industry leaders such as Moderna and BioNTech, who have already generated significant profits from the sale of Covid-19 vaccines (totaling over $80 billion), have identified oncology as the next major application for mRNA and have heavily invested in it.

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