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The Dodgers Address Two Major Needs with Acquisition of Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a significant move on Friday to address two of their most pressing needs. According to sources, they acquired right-handed starter Lance Lynn and right-handed reliever Joe Kelly in a trade with the Chicago White Sox. This deal has yet to be confirmed by the teams involved.

The addition of Lance Lynn will provide an immediate boost to the Dodgers’ rotation, which has been struggling due to injuries and relying heavily on rookie pitchers. Lynn, a seasoned veteran at 36 years old, may not have had the best year with the White Sox, sporting a 6-9 record, a 6.47 ERA, and 144 strikeouts in 119 2/3 innings. However, his track record speaks for itself, having finished among the top six in Cy Young voting three times since 2019.

Meanwhile, Joe Kelly’s arrival marks a reunion with the Dodgers, where he experienced the best years of his career from 2019 to 2021, including being a vital part of their 2020 World Series triumph. Although Kelly has struggled this year with the White Sox, with a 4.97 ERA and 41 strikeouts in 29 innings, he has dealt with injuries, such as a groin strain and right elbow inflammation, which led to missed playing time. However, Kelly brings valuable postseason experience, having been a champion twice, with the 2018 Boston Red Sox and the aforementioned Dodgers, and boasting a respectable postseason ERA of 3.55.

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