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Mark Thompson, the former chief executive of the New York Times, has been selected as the next leader of CNN, parent company Warner Bros. Discovery announced on Wednesday. His appointment comes after Chris Licht was ousted from the network in June.

Thompson, who will assume his new role on October 9th, brings with him a wealth of experience in the media industry. During his eight-year tenure as chief executive of the New York Times Company, he oversaw significant growth in digital subscription revenue, offsetting losses in print circulation and advertising. He then stepped down from his role in 2020.

Prior to his time at the New York Times, Thompson spent most of his career at the BBC, where he served as director general. In his new position, he will not only oversee CNN’s strategy, operations, and business units but also serve as the network’s editor in chief.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav expressed praise for Thompson, calling him “a true innovator” and highlighting his track record in transformational leadership. Zaslav believes that Thompson’s strategic vision and passion for news make him the perfect choice to lead CNN and journalism at this pivotal time.

Thompson’s appointment comes after Licht’s short and tumultuous tenure at the network. Licht struggled to gain the confidence of employees and corporate management, leading to his removal. Following Licht’s departure, four executives have been handling the network’s operations until a new leader could be found.

CNN has been facing challenges in attracting viewers, with MSNBC and Fox News outpacing them in ratings. The network hopes to regain its footing with a new prime time lineup set by the interim leadership team. Additionally, CNN is placing more emphasis on streaming programming, with the recent announcement of the launch of CNN Max, a 24-hour news hub on the Max streaming service.

Thompson recognizes the structural challenges faced by both CNN and the television industry as a whole and is ready to tackle them head-on. He sees opportunity in the face of disruption and believes that the world needs accurate and trustworthy news now more than ever.

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