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## Gov. Ron DeSantis Cuts Campaign Staff Amid Struggles in Presidential Bid

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has recently made the decision to cut some of his campaign staff as he faces challenges in gaining traction in the Republican primary. This move comes after DeSantis lost ground in public polls to former President Donald J. Trump. While the exact number of staff members let go is unclear, reports suggest that it is fewer than 10 individuals. This development, first reported by Politico, raises concerns about the campaign’s future and highlights the difficulties DeSantis faces in terms of fundraising and spending.

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The dismissals of campaign staff not only signify potential internal challenges but also underscore the concerns major donors have regarding DeSantis’s performance. Several influential donors who initially expressed interest in supporting DeSantis have grown wary of his campaign’s progress. This highlights the need for the campaign to overcome these obstacles and regain momentum.

Andrew Romeo, an aide to DeSantis, remains optimistic about the campaign’s circumstances. He emphasizes that Americans are rallying behind DeSantis and his plan to address the perceived failures of President Joe Biden. Romeo points out that as voters witness DeSantis’s presence in person, particularly in Iowa, his momentum will continue to grow. To achieve the goal of defeating Biden’s well-funded campaign, the DeSantis team recognizes the necessity of an agile and candidate-driven strategy. They are focused on building a movement capable of going the distance.

While the DeSantis campaign’s struggles are not unique in the early stages of a race, the timing of these changes is seen as unusual. By now, the campaign should be making adjustments to its travel schedule, staff size, and overall strategy to reinvigorate lost momentum. The campaign plans to make further changes, including policy speeches and interviews with news outlets that DeSantis has previously criticized. These upcoming actions aim to refine the campaign’s message and broaden its appeal.

DeSantis’s campaign finance disclosure with the Federal Election Commission reveals that he has raised approximately $20 million but has already spent nearly $8 million. These expenditures have led to a so-called “burn rate,” leaving the campaign with around $12 million in cash on hand. However, only about $9 million of that amount can be used in the primary, with the rest reserved for the general election should DeSantis become the nominee.

The disclosure also provides insights into the campaign’s spending patterns. Despite the presence of a super PAC that intends to handle a significant portion of the workload, the filing indicates a surprisingly large staff size for a candidacy at this stage. The campaign’s top expenditures include travel expenses, digital fundraising consulting, media placement, and postage. Notably, private jet rental services accounted for a significant portion of the travel budget. Additionally, nearly $1 million was paid to WinRed, the online donation-processing company.

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It is important to note that the struggles faced by DeSantis are not uncommon in the Republican primary race. Previous campaigns, such as those of Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, experienced initial success followed by significant challenges. However, DeSantis’s allies point out that he is ahead in the polls in Iowa compared to Bush’s standing at the same point in the 2016 campaign. This is critical as Iowa’s caucuses play a crucial role in determining the viability of candidates seeking to challenge Trump.

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