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Theodore McCarrick ruled unfit to stand trial in sexual abuse case

Theodore McCarrick, the highest-ranking Catholic cleric in the United States to face charges in the church’s ongoing sexual abuse crisis, has been declared incompetent to stand trial by a judge in Massachusetts. The 93-year-old disgraced former cardinal faced three counts of indecent assault and battery based on an accusation that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a teenage boy at a family wedding reception in 1974.

This ruling is significant in the victims’ fight for justice, as it represents a step toward holding abusers in Catholic settings accountable. Thousands of clergy members in the United States have been accused of crimes related to sexual abuse, and successful prosecutions have often been rare due to the passage of time.

Mr. McCarrick pleaded not guilty to the charges in 2021, and his legal team filed a motion to dismiss the charges, arguing that he was not competent to stand trial. Both their expert and an expert for the state of Massachusetts agreed that Mr. McCarrick was unfit to stand trial after assessing him in person.

A forensic psychologist employed by the state, Kerry Nelligan, testified that she found significant cognitive problems and memory deficits during her assessment of Mr. McCarrick. While he did not attend the hearing in person, he joined through a video conference and appeared frail but alert.

Advocates for victims of clerical abuse expressed their disappointment with the ruling. They believe that a conviction of a cardinal in the Catholic Church in the United States would be a landmark decision.

Some skeptics, like Stephen Sheehan, who attended the hearing, questioned the claim that Mr. McCarrick is incapable of standing trial. Sheehan, who is 90, pointed out that losing words and experiencing memory issues is common as people age. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the courage it takes for victims of sexual abuse to come forward, especially considering that the perpetrators who are still alive are often very old.

Mr. McCarrick, once a prominent figure in the U.S. Catholic Church, was removed from the church in 2019 after a Vatican trial found him guilty of sexually abusing minors and adult seminarians over several decades. In addition to his case in Massachusetts, he also faces a criminal sexual assault charge in Wisconsin.

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Maya Shwayder contributed to this report.

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