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China’s Guidelines to Phase Out U.S. Microprocessors

(Reuters) – China has recently introduced new guidelines aimed at phasing out the use of U.S. microprocessors from Intel and AMD in government personal computers and servers, as reported by the Financial Times on Sunday. This move underscores China’s increasing efforts towards technological independence and bolstering domestic options.

The procurement guidance also includes plans to sideline Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign-made database software in favor of domestic alternatives, according to the report. This shift towards using domestic technology is seen as a strategic move by China to enhance its cybersecurity and reduce reliance on foreign products.

Government agencies above the township level have been instructed to include criteria that mandate the use of “safe and reliable” processors and operating systems when making purchases, the newspaper reported. This is in line with China’s focus on enhancing technological security and promoting domestic innovation.

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Intel and AMD, the U.S.-based semiconductor companies affected by these guidelines, have not yet issued a response to the reports. The move by China comes amid ongoing efforts by the U.S. to boost domestic semiconductor production and reduce reliance on countries like China and Taiwan.

The Biden administration’s 2022 CHIPS and Science Act is a key initiative aimed at supporting the U.S. semiconductor industry and promoting domestic chip production. With financial aid and subsidies for advanced chip manufacturing, the U.S. government is working to strengthen its semiconductor capabilities.

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