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Body Camera Footage Released in Fatal Shooting of Pregnant Woman by Ohio Police Officer

The body camera footage depicting the events leading up to the fatal shooting of Ta’Kiya Young, a pregnant woman, by an Ohio police officer has been released. This incident occurred on August 24 when Young, suspected of shoplifting, was confronted by two officers in a grocery store parking lot.

The officers repeatedly requested Young to exit her vehicle. One of the officers even pointed his gun at her. In response, Young accelerated her car towards one of the officers, striking him. Subsequently, another officer fired a shot through her windshield, resulting in Young’s death, as confirmed by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office.

Young’s family had the opportunity to view the body camera footage before its public release. The video shows an officer approaching Young, who was seated in the driver’s seat.

Body camera footage of police officers approaching Ta’Kiya Young
Body camera footage of police officers approaching Ta’Kiya Young, Blendon Township Police

Throughout the footage, the officer can be heard instructing Young to exit the car, while Young questions the reason for her detainment. One officer positions himself in front of Young’s car, placing his hand on the hood and eventually aiming his gun at her through the windshield.

Young vehemently denies stealing anything, and when asked by the officer, “Then get out,” she responds with defiance and suspicion, “You gonna shoot me?” The first officer repeatedly demands Young to exit the car, banging on her window.

Seconds later, Young turns her steering wheel and drives away, prompting the officer in front of the car to fire his gun at close range into the windshield. The officer moves to the driver’s side, and although it’s unclear where Young was shot, a scream can be heard as the car continues to drive slowly.

After the car collides with the grocery store facade, the officers break the driver’s window. The footage concludes at this point. Both officers provided immediate aid to Young’s injuries by applying a wound seal and calling emergency services, according to Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford.

Young’s family and their lawyer released a statement describing the shooting as a criminal act and urging for a swift indictment of the officer responsible. They expressed the belief that Young’s death was avoidable and constituted an abuse of power and authority. Additionally, they emphasized the profound impact of losing Young and her unborn daughter.

In response to the incident, the officer who fired the shot has been placed on administrative leave. The other officer, after the review of the body camera footage by Chief Belford, was reinstated as there was no reason to keep him on leave.

The officers remain unidentified. Chief Belford asserted that Young intentionally drove her car into one of the officers, justifying the single shot fired through the windshield as an act of self-defense. He also described the officer in the driver’s side window as a victim of misdemeanor assault due to Young’s attempt to flee.

Although charges cannot be filed against Young due to her death, the officers retain their status as crime victims. Chief Belford acknowledged the tragic nature of the event and extended his condolences to Young’s family.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is currently investigating the shooting.

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