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Disney CEO Bob Iger Addresses Company’s Stance on Politics

Asked whether Disney would stay out of politics, CEO Bob Iger emphasized that the company’s main focus is on entertainment and storytelling. He expressed that Disney’s primary goal is to entertain and have a positive impact on the world through inspiring future generations. With over 100 years of history, Disney aims to be a beacon of hope, joy, and optimism for people of all ages. Iger highlighted the importance of telling stories that reflect the diversity of the world and entertain individuals from various backgrounds.

Despite believing in the responsibility to do good in the world, Iger made it clear that Disney’s role is not to advance any specific agenda. He emphasized the importance of decency, respect, and trusting instincts in decision-making. As long as he holds the position, Iger intends to uphold these values in guiding the company forward.

Recent shareholder proposals urging Disney to steer clear of progressive politics were met with resistance, with Iger facing criticism on the issue. Calls for the company to be more progressive in its support for political candidates and causes were also addressed but did not gain shareholder approval.

In light of Disney’s involvement in political disputes, including a legal battle in Florida over the “Don’t Say Gay” law, Iger’s leadership stance has been tested. The company’s decision to take a stand against the controversial law led to clashes with the state government and eventually a settlement. Activist investor Nelson Peltz had also challenged Disney’s approach, accusing them of pursuing a “woke” film strategy with certain movie releases.

Despite the criticism, Disney defended its creative choices, citing the success of Marvel films and their significant global revenue. The company stressed the importance of entertaining audiences while showcasing diverse storytelling.

Through his comments at the shareholder meeting, Iger reiterated his belief in the entertainment industry’s primary objective of entertaining audiences. Reflecting on the need to prioritize entertainment over messages, Iger emphasized the fundamental role of storytelling in Disney’s mission.

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