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**A Disappointing Post-College Life: Struggling to Make Ends Meet**

Ever since I graduated from high school almost 9 years ago, my life has been stuck in a state of perpetual youth. I can’t shake the feeling that my “real” life hasn’t even begun yet. Despite earning a college degree in Mechanical Engineering, I continue to lead a frugal existence resembling that of a college student. The situation is disheartening, to say the least.

**Lingering Financial Constraints: Limited Choices, Endless Sacrifices**

One of the most glaring aspects of my predicament is my inability to purchase anything substantial for myself. I still drive the same car I had since high school, which is far from a luxury vehicle. Owning a house or even affording my own place remains woefully out of reach. The noble act of dining out at a decent restaurant or engaging in recreational activities seems like a distant fantasy due to my constrained financial situation. Worse yet, I can’t even fathom the idea of dating or starting a family.

**Beyond Poverty: The Elusive Pursuit of a Better Life**

Am I merely classified as “poor”? It’s a question that haunts me. However, objectively evaluating my circumstances, it becomes clear that mental poverty plagues me as much as financial hardship. I’ve convinced myself that my life will eventually take a turn for the better if I diligently continue to sacrifice. However, this mindset keeps me confined within a relentless cycle of deprivation.

**The Undermined Value of Higher Education: An Unexpected Blow**

My relentless pursuit of higher education and subsequent attainment of a Mechanical Engineering degree provided me with hope. Yet, that optimism was quickly shattered when I realized how rapidly the value of a college degree had plummeted. Suddenly, the sacrifices I made during my college years to secure my future seemed in vain. It’s challenging to find motivation or the will to work hard when it feels as though there is no tangible reward awaiting me. Regrettably, the harder I strive and the more I sacrifice, the deeper I sink into financial instability and a worsening quality of life.

**AI Legalese Decoder: Uncovering Paths to Legal and Financial Recovery**

In this struggle to break free from the chains of my current situation, advancements in artificial intelligence offer a glimmer of hope. The AI Legalese Decoder, specifically designed to navigate the complexities of legal jargon, can become an invaluable tool for those of us seeking financial relief. This innovative technology can assist in deciphering legal documentation, contracts, and agreements that may hold the key to improved financial prospects.

AI Legalese Decoder provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies and clarifies convoluted legal language, ensuring that individuals like myself can spot potential opportunities and pitfalls in legal transactions. By harnessing this AI-powered tool, I can gain a better understanding of my rights, obligations, and potential avenues for redress.

Furthermore, the AI Legalese Decoder can aid in unraveling intricate financial complexities. From exploring potential investment opportunities to clarifying loan terms or identifying eligible tax deductions, this revolutionary technology enables individuals to make more informed and strategic decisions, potentially leading to improved financial outcomes.

In summary, while my current circumstances leave me feeling discouraged and disheartened, AI Legalese Decoder presents a ray of hope. By utilizing this breakthrough technology, I can navigate the legal and financial landscapes more effectively, potentially finding pathways to recovery and a brighter future.

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The Challenges of Understanding Legal Documents

Legal documents are notorious for being complex and difficult to interpret for the average person. They are often filled with convoluted language, jargon, and lengthy sentences that can be overwhelming to comprehend. This presents a significant challenge for individuals who may need to read and understand legal documents, especially those who are unfamiliar with legal terminology and concepts.

Difficult to Understand and Interpret

The complexity of legal documents can make it extremely difficult for individuals to understand their legal rights, obligations, and the implications of the terms and conditions outlined within the document. This is particularly the case for individuals without a legal background or expertise. Without proper comprehension of these documents, individuals may unknowingly agree to terms that are unfavorable or may misunderstand the scope of their rights or responsibilities.

Lengthy and Confusing Terminology

Legal documents are often filled with lengthy, complicated terminology that can be confusing and misleading. These terms may be unique to the legal field and not commonly understood by the general public, resulting in misinterpretations or misunderstandings. This can lead to legal disputes or unintended consequences, causing unnecessary stress and financial burden on individuals who are unable to navigate the complexities of legal language.

The Role of AI Legalese Decoder

AI Legalese Decoder is an innovative technology that can greatly assist individuals in understanding and interpreting legal documents. By utilizing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, this software can process legal texts and provide simplified, easily understandable explanations and summaries.

Simplifying Legal Language

One of the key features of AI Legalese Decoder is its ability to simplify legal language. It can break down complex terminology and convoluted sentences into plain language that is accessible to everyone. By doing so, individuals can gain a clear understanding of the content and meaning of legal documents, empowering them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

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Another valuable aspect of AI Legalese Decoder is its ability to provide contextual explanations. It can analyze the document as a whole and provide insights into the implications and potential consequences of the terms and conditions outlined within. This contextual analysis allows individuals to better understand the legal rights, obligations, and risks associated with the document, enabling them to make more educated decisions.

Avoiding Misinterpretations and Pitfalls

By utilizing AI Legalese Decoder, individuals can significantly reduce the likelihood of misinterpreting legal terms or falling into legal pitfalls. The software can highlight potential areas of concern, explain their significance, and offer suggestions on how to mitigate risks or negotiate for more favorable terms. This helps individuals navigate the complexities of legal language and ensure that they fully understand the implications of the documents they are dealing with.

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  • femalenerdish

    [content removed by user via [Power Delete Suite](]

  • wangstarr03

    IÔÇÖd be curious what your budget looks like on $60k living in the rural Midwest.

    If youÔÇÖre truly *choosing* to allocate $3k/mo to investments (as another poster posited based on your previous posts) youÔÇÖre not forced into ÔÇ£being poorÔÇØ, you are consciously choosing to live the lifestyle youÔÇÖre in.

    Share your budget and weÔÇÖll see whatÔÇÖs what unless of course, youÔÇÖre not sharing it on purpose.

  • LivingWithWhales

    Wtf are you complaining about? YouÔÇÖre apparently 27, making 60k, have $160k in savings, and you claim you canÔÇÖt afford to live?

    If thats true, youre doing better than 99% of people your age Get off your bullshit high horse, youre either lying, or a moron, or both.

  • ghostboo77

    You have a $160k cash and a $60k a year job per your post history.

    Get off the doom subreddits and go buy a 2 bedroom condo or similar, as it should be easily affordable for you. Put down the $160k and your monthly nut should be quite easily affordable

  • Giggles95036

    Only ~160k liquid @27? Boohoo poor baby.

    Get out of fatfire subreddit and come back down to earth. Maybe change cities to someone less expensive.

    You realize that is actually quite a lot for 27 right? Thats a chunk into investments and a house downpayment.

  • YouveBeanReported

    You are trying to save $36,000 a year. That is over half your before tax income. That’s insane.

    In my area of Canada 60k would be roughly 45k take home pay leaving you 9k to live on. Under the 12k poverty line. Obviously numbers will differ for American taxes, but your likely living on an amount below the poverty line of your own violation.

    * Reduce the savings to a more reasonable amount. Your young. You have time to keep saving. Try knocking it down to a lower number.
    * Get your own apartment or a god damn house given you have enough to pay off half a mortgage in some areas.
    * Add in some extra money for living. You make enough you should be able to afford to date, take an occasional cheap trip and have some impulsive fun budget money.

  • Romanticon

    It sounds like you’re not earning enough, but it’s impossible to say without your income and location.

    I will say that starting “real life” is incremental, not all at once. I came out of college with a few cheap IKEA furniture pieces and a lot of free t-shirts. Over time, I replaced those t-shirts with purchased ones, I bought slightly nicer furniture, I saved for a new car…

    Basically, where is your money? And if you don’t have any, how much have you earned over the last 9 years and where did it go?

    Additionally, I’ll point out that some of these are a different level than others. Buying a new car is $10k+. Going out to eat or on a date is $30. Most of us would need to save to buy a new car; if you can’t afford a $30 expense once a week or so, you’re probably in desperate need of a budget or a raise.

    Maybe you could share your income and location, and a rough, simple breakdown of your expenses?

  • Thefuzy

    There is no point in working hard and sacrificing if you do it blindly. You somehow got the idea that a degree in mechanical engineering was ensure you get those things, but as youÔÇÖve learned it doesnÔÇÖt, so shame on you for believing that idea without validating it.

    Next time you turn your effort and sacrifice to something, make sure it will end the way you think it will and there will be a point to it.

    If I was skilled in mechanical engineering, I would be turning that skill to creating something new and useful to the world, thatÔÇÖs the whole idea of engineering right? To design something new. So do that then build a company around it. As youÔÇÖve already learned, the path to success is not easy or as simple as just getting a degree, you have to figure out the world better than most others, otherwise youÔÇÖll just be average with a degree doing nothing like the rest of them.

  • elynbeth

    Can you walk us through where 60k goes, then? If it isnÔÇÖt house, car, lifestyle, then what?

  • LubbockGuy95

    If you have an engineering job short of living in CA or NY you should not be having this problem if you have any financial sense.

    If you do live there and make a starting engineer’s wage sounds like you need to move/change jobs if you want your dollar to go farther.

    If you want to continue with your chosen career path but make more, then it’s time to go get a masters or start pursuing your PE license to get that pay bump.

  • Fairelabise17

    In some ways we still do and always have.

    We make 250k combined, about 150k more than most homeowners in our little suburban town. We have a net worth of 170k combined and bought a house recently. We max our retirement funds to the match.

    We don’t eat ramen, chicken and rice or chicken and beans all the time but it’s cheap and keeps our grocery bills low. It’s how we saved 15k in 2 months to beef up our down payment. It’s how we survived being laid off during covid. We try our best to avoid forever chemicals like PFAS, BPA, etc.

    We still go to the grocery store together just like we did in college before we were married. We make sure we have eaten beforehand or plan a cheap coffee date and lunch before we shop.

    We don’t buy designer brands, but not cheap clothing either. We maybe spend $600 combined on clothing and shoes a year. Twice what we would have scrapping in college.

    We buy craft beer and nicer wine instead of Coors and barefoot but we are still very conscientious. About our spending.

    I think there will be that element until we have kids, a sizeable emergency fund and funds for our kid’s investments.

    How you spend (or don’t spend) money is almost always a psychological decision.

  • SDRAIN2020

    With mechanical engineering, you can make way more money. Get on CJHunter or another site where you can find a job as a contractor. I know lots of engineers who are just contractors jumping from job to job every few years, until they actually find a place they want to settle down and start the regular 9-5 route.

  • JasonLoserpants

    Willing to move? Defense starts at $75k for new grads and I’m making $100k after two years experience as a systems engineer.

    PM me, you’re underpaid

  • JessicaSells

    Please finish school if you havenÔÇÖt already, engineers are paid really well and can easily make 6 figures in a few years out of school(I guess depending on the area). It will all pay off, thereÔÇÖs always a need for more engineers and you definitely need a degree to get in the field unless you go the technicians way then you just get bossed around my the engineers.

  • Captain_Hamerica

    When does this sub plan to merge with r/povertyfinance ?

  • SuculantWarrior

    OP. I think the sub you’re looking for is r/FIRE

    No hate. And I understand the pressure to save. I’m just saying based on responses those people will empathize more.

  • Apocalypsox

    You’re being criminally underpaid. Some of my friends are graduating BSME this semester, offers range from 70k to 105k.

    You are struggling because you’re stuck in a job that is abusing your value. You need to leave that company. You’d find better wages working for the government.


    A million years ago when I started work at one of the big 8 accounting firms, starting salaries were approximately the same as my college friends graduating with engineering degrees. Only a few years later, however, my salary increased significantly in relation to those of my friends. The public accounting firms push you up or move you out. There was one exception: a buddy who worked for HP as an electrical engineer maneuvered himself into marketing/ sales and moved up the ladder quickly.

  • stilljustkeyrock

    A college degree is worth more now than ever. In 1970 a graduate could expect to make about 30% more over their life than a non-college grad. In 2018 it was 66%.

  • yulbrynnersmokes

    > How long are you supposed to ÔÇ£live like a college studentÔÇØ?

    As long as you can keep dating college girls?

    Sorry. I had to do it.