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Russian Mercenary Group Wagner Moves Towards Poland-Lithuania Border


According to Poland’s Prime Minister, more than 100 troops from the Russian mercenary group Wagner are currently moving towards a thin strip of land between Poland and Lithuania. The prime minister also expressed concerns that these mercenaries could pose as migrants in an attempt to cross the border illegally.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki revealed on Saturday that his government had received information about the Wagner mercenaries being in close proximity to Grodno, a city in western Belarus. Grodno is situated near the Suwalki gap, also known as the corridor, which connects Poland and Lithuania.

Recent reports suggest that thousands of Wagner troops are present in Belarus after a failed military uprising in Russia.

Prime Minister Morawiecki reiterated allegations that Belarus, a crucial ally of Russia, has been deliberately sending migrants to overwhelm Polish border forces.

Morawiecki suggested that the troop movements of the Wagner group appear to be part of a larger destabilization campaign targeting the border region.

The prime minister expressed concerns that the Wagner mercenaries might disguise themselves as Belarusian border guards to facilitate the entry of illegal immigrants into Polish territory. He warned that this situation creates additional risks as they may also attempt to infiltrate Poland under the guise of being illegal immigrants.

Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that there have been approximately 16,000 illegal border crossing attempts by migrants so far this year. He believes that these attempts are orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The exact intentions of Wagner troops in Grodno remain unknown, as the mercenary group has not provided any comments on the reports. However, positioning Russian-allied forces near the Suwalki corridor would represent a significant escalation that could raise concerns among NATO and EU member states.

The Suwalki corridor, despite being just 60 miles long, holds great strategic importance for NATO, the EU, Russia, and Belarus. It serves as the sole overland connection between the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad and Belarus, as well as the Baltic states and the rest of the EU.

In the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there were concerns that the Kremlin might target the Suwalki corridor to protect Kaliningrad, which is the only part of Russia surrounded by EU states.

The exact number of Wagner troops currently present in Belarus remains unclear. They were invited to the country as part of a deal negotiated by the Belarusian president to end the mercenary group’s armed insurrection against the Kremlin last month.

Subsequently, Lukashenko requested Wagner’s assistance in training Belarus’ military. The two parties plan to conduct joint military exercises near the Polish border, a move that is likely to further escalate tensions in the region.

During a summit, Lukashenko jokingly mentioned to Russian President Putin that the Wagner fighters were beginning to stress him, as they wished to go west on “an excursion.”

Despite Poland’s assurance of border safety, the country has deployed additional troops to the east in response to potential threats from the Wagner group.

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