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Stocks Extend Gains as Revised GDP Data Shows Slower Growth

Stocks closed higher for the fourth consecutive day on Wednesday, following the release of revised GDP data which indicated slower growth in the US economy than initially estimated. The S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq Composite all recorded gains of varying degrees.

The benchmarks managed to erase earlier minor losses after a fresh reading on US GDP showed a growth of 2.1% in the second quarter, compared to the previously reported estimate of 2.4%. Additionally, private-sector job numbers for August, as reported by ADP, were weaker than expected. These economic indicators have spurred discussions about the direction of interest rates and their potential impact on the economy.

Furthermore, the labor market slowdown has contributed to the recent gains in major US stock indices. Investors are keenly observing the upcoming PCE inflation report and the August jobs report, both of which are significant data points for policymakers. These reports are expected to influence their decision-making process.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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