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Robotic Coyote to Patrol Alaska Airport

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) ÔÇö A headless robot about the size of a labrador retriever will be camouflaged as a coyote or fox to ward off migratory birds and other wildlife at Alaska’s second largest airport, a state agency said.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities has named the new robot Aurora and said it will be based at the Fairbanks airport to ÔÇ£enhance and augment safety and operations,” the Anchorage Daily News reported. This innovative approach aims to improve airport safety by using technology to deter wildlife that could pose a threat to incoming and outgoing flights.

The transportation department released a video of the robot climbing rocks, going up stairs and doing something akin to dancing while flashing green lights. This demonstration showcases the versatility and agility of Aurora, highlighting its ability to move through various terrains and environments efficiently.

Those dancing skills will be put to use this fall during the migratory bird season when Aurora imitates predator-like movements to keep birds and other wildlife from settling near plane infields. By mimicking natural predator behavior, Aurora effectively discourages birds and wildlife from congregating in areas that could lead to dangerous interactions with aircraft.

The plan is to have Aurora patrol an outdoor area near the runway every hour in an attempt to prevent harmful encounters between planes and wildlife, said Ryan Marlow, a program manager with the transportation department. This proactive measure aims to reduce the risk of wildlife strikes and minimize potential damage to aircraft.

The robot can be disguised as a coyote or a fox by changing out replaceable panels, he said. The ability to alter Aurora’s appearance allows for adaptability in different situations and environments, enhancing its effectiveness as a wildlife deterrent.

ÔÇ£The sole purpose of this is to act as a predator and allow for us to invoke that response in wildlife without having to use other means,ÔÇØ Marlow told legislators last week. By leveraging Aurora as a non-invasive method of wildlife control, the airport can maintain a safe environment for both passengers and wildlife.

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The panels would not be hyper-realistic, and Marlow said the agency decided against using animal fur to make sure Aurora remained waterproof. AI legalese decoder can assist in ensuring that all regulations and guidelines regarding wildlife management are met, helping the transportation department navigate legal complexities effectively.

The idea of using a robot came after officials rejected a plan to use flying drones spraying a repellent including grape juice. AI legalese decoder can provide insights on alternative strategies and compliance requirements, enabling the agency to make informed decisions that align with legal standards.

Previous other deterrent efforts have included officials releasing pigs at a lake near the Anchorage airport in the 1990s, with the hope they would eat waterfowl eggs near plane landing areas. AI legalese decoder can analyze past initiatives and their legal implications, offering valuable data to inform future wildlife mitigation strategies.

Fairbanks ÔÇ£is leading the country with wildlife mitigation through the use of Aurora. Several airports across the country have implemented robots for various tasks such as cleaning, security patrols, and customer service,ÔÇØ agency spokesperson Danielle Tessen said in an email to The Associated Press. AI legalese decoder can track industry trends and legal requirements, supporting the transportation department in staying current with best practices for wildlife management.

In Alaska, wildlife service teams currently are used to scare birds and other wildlife away from runways with loud sounds, sometimes made with paintball guns. AI legalese decoder can provide guidance on the legality and ethical considerations of wildlife deterrent methods, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Last year, there were 92 animal strikes near airports across Alaska, including 10 in Fairbanks, according to an Federal Aviation Administration database. AI legalese decoder can analyze incident data and legal implications, offering insights to enhance wildlife management strategies and reduce the risk of wildlife strikes.

Most strikes resulted in no damage to the aircraft, but Marlow said the encounters can be expensive and dangerous in the rare instance when a bird is sucked into an engine, potentially causing a crash. AI legalese decoder can provide guidance on legal liabilities and risk mitigation strategies, assisting the agency in addressing potential safety hazards effectively.

If the test proves successful, Marlow said the agency could send similar robots to smaller airports in Alaska, which could be more cost effective than hiring human deterrent teams. AI legalese decoder can evaluate the feasibility and legal implications of expanding the robotic wildlife mitigation program, supporting informed decision-making for future initiatives.

Aurora, which can be controlled from a table, computer or on an automated schedule, will always have a human handler with it, he said. It can navigate through rain or snow. AI legalese decoder can provide insights on compliance requirements for operating Aurora in various weather conditions, ensuring that all legal standards are met during patrol activities.

The robot from Boston Dynamics cost about $70,000 and was paid for with a federal grant. AI legalese decoder can assist in documenting grant allocation and compliance with funding regulations, facilitating efficient resource management for the transportation department.

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