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## Threat of Eviction Looms for Mike’s Diner Bar in Palo Alto

After nearly three decades in operation, Mike’s Diner Bar, a popular establishment in Palo Alto, is facing the distressing prospect of eviction. Mike Wallau, the owner of Mike’s Diner Bar, recently received a letter from the property owner’s agent notifying him of their intention to proceed with eviction due to his payment being one day late on July 18.

According to Wallau, he had encountered a similar situation last year when he was three days late with the rent. In response, he had entered into an agreement with the landlord, promising to be punctual with future payments. However, Wallau explains that there was a valid reason for the delay in his check’s submission last month. He was at El Camino Hospital on July 17, admitting his daughter, which prevented him from delivering the payment to the property management company until the following day.

Despite attempts to reach out to the property management company for their perspective, NBC Bay Area has yet to receive a comment from them regarding the situation.

Wallau’s struggles do not end there. He invested a substantial amount of money in expanding and renovating the diner before the pandemic struck, forcing many businesses, including his, to face unprecedented challenges.

The Palo Alto community, recognizing the importance of supporting local businesses and revitalizing the midtown area, has rallied to prevent further closures. The visible vacancy of several stores reflect the tough times faced by business owners, making it crucial for the city to extend assistance. Len Flippu, the head of the Fairmeadow Neighborhood Association, emphasizes the significance of Mike’s Diner Bar, referring to it as the crown jewel of the midtown area. Palo Alto Mayor Lydia Kou echoes this sentiment, highlighting the treasured presence that Mike’s Diner Bar holds within the city.

In response to the eviction threat, Wallau will be filing a motion to set aside the eviction. He hopes to find a mutually beneficial resolution that satisfies both sides.

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