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Indiana Adds Former Power Five Head Coach Justin Fuente to Coaching Staff

Tom Allen, the head coach of the Indiana football team, has made an important addition to his coaching staff. Justin Fuente, the former head coach of the Virginia Tech Hokies, has joined the Hoosiers as an analyst, according to an insider source. Sports Illustrated was the first to report this development.

The hiring of Fuente comes shortly after the dismissal of offensive coordinator Walt Bell. Bell was let go on October 1st and replaced by Rod Carey, the former head coach of the Temple Owls who has been with the Hoosiers since last year.

Fuente’s most recent coaching position was at Virginia Tech where he led the Hokies for six seasons until his termination in 2021. He was fired due to the team’s mediocre 5-5 start to the season. While at Virginia Tech, Fuente’s initial year as head coach in 2016 showed great promise with a 10-4 record. In 2017, the Hokies achieved a 9-4 mark, and Fuente was awarded the ACC Coach of the Year title in 2016. However, his performance declined over the following four years, where he tallied a 50-46 record.

Prior to his tenure at Virginia Tech, Fuente spent three seasons as the head coach at Memphis. He successfully turned around the program, which had concluded his first season with a disappointing 3-9 record in 2012. Under Fuente’s leadership, Memphis had a remarkable transformation, posting a 10-3 record in 2013 and a 9-3 record in 2014, before Fuente was offered the head coach position at Virginia Tech.

Before venturing into coaching, Fuente had been a quarterback at the University of Oklahoma and Murray State. He later served as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at TCU before seizing his initial head coaching opportunity at Memphis.

The Indiana Hoosiers, under the guidance of Tom Allen in his seventh season as head coach, have struggled this season with a 2-3 overall record, including an 0-2 start in Big Ten play. Notably, the team has failed to score more than 17 points in any of their first three games against Power Five opponents, suffering losses to Ohio State (23-3) and Louisville (21-14) as well as the recent defeat against Maryland (44-17). Even in their lone victory over Akron (29-27), the Hoosiers were limited to just 17 points in regulation. Over the past three years, Indiana has experienced a decline, only managing a disappointing 8-21 record and an underwhelming 2-18 record against Big Ten teams, following their successful run in 2019 and 2020.

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