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## Incident at the High School

In the following narrative, I will recount the events that took place at my high school, detailing how I unintentionally caused a disruption and the aftermath of the situation.

### Description of Events

One day, I decided to take a stroll around the high school premises. During my exploration, I stumbled upon a lever that I mistook for a door handle. Ignorantly, I pulled the lever without realizing that it controlled the electricity supply in the building. To my surprise, there were no warning signs indicating the lever’s function.

Informed about my actions, I disclosed the incident to my father, who reassured me that as long as it did not recur, everything would be fine. However, the following day, the vice principal informed me that there were no damages caused by my actions.

### Unexpected Developments

As I left the office, I was approached by a security guard who inquired about my grade and class. He revealed that the police had visited the school to locate me the previous day. Despite my absence due to a school-related meeting, they intended to return the next day. Moreover, the security guard warned me that if I failed to attend school, the police would visit my residence.

I am feeling bewildered and anxious about the escalating situation. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated in navigating this matter.

### Additional Details

It is crucial to note that there were no warning signs regarding the lever, except for an exceptionally tall one that I overlooked. Furthermore, there were no damages reported from my actions, and the school did not impose any penalties. I emphasize that the incident was accidental and occurred in Romania.

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