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**Sweetgreen** Opens Fourth Location in San Diego County

Sweetgreen, the popular national restaurant chain known for its focus on healthy foods, opened its fourth location in San Diego County on Tuesday. The chain was founded 16 years ago in Washington, D.C. by Jonathan Neman and his Georgetown University classmates. Neman, a Los Angeles native, always had plans to expand the chain to the West Coast, and San Diego was a top choice among customers.

The new Sweetgreen restaurant is located in 4S Ranch at the 4S Commons on Craftsman Way. The space is 1,904 square feet and features seating for seven inside and 24 diners on the patio. The restaurant operates from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Sweetgreen aims to cater to customers seeking a healthy and active lifestyle. With a heavy emphasis on salads and vegetables, the menu also offers options like chicken and lobster to accommodate a variety of food preferences. Dishes can be customized to include additional vegetables or proteins upon customer request.

One of the unique aspects of Sweetgreen is its commitment to sourcing ingredients locally. Many of the ingredients used in their dishes come from farms in San Diego County, ensuring freshness and supporting local growers.

To enhance convenience, Sweetgreen provides online ordering and a mobile app for customers to place their orders. Delivery service is available as well. Additionally, the restaurant offers a rewards and membership program with daily discounts.

Sweetgreen aims to fill a need for a type of healthy restaurant that was previously lacking in the 4S Ranch community. The chain’s focus on serving fresh, hearty, and vegetable and protein-led bowls ensures it caters to various dietary needs.

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