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Invictus Tattoo and Barbershop Deals with Rising Parking Rates and its Impact on Business

Invictus Tattoo and Barbershop, a well-established business on Albert Street just west of Richmond Row, has been facing a challenging situation due to increasing parking rates at nearby private lots operated by Precise ParkLink. This issue has not gone unnoticed by the owners and customers alike.

The Rising Rates

Owner Brandon Bernatowycz expressed his concern in a recent Instagram post, shedding light on the continuous surge in parking rates. Currently, customers are required to pay $5 for every 15 minutes. This exorbitant increase has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among customers, leading to a significant decline in foot traffic.

The Impact on Business

Next door, Constantine Kappos, the owner of Mythic Grill, also acknowledges that the soaring parking rates have had a detrimental effect on business. Kappos shares that customers frequently cite the expensive parking fees as a deterrent for visiting downtown. Consequently, they are opting to avoid the area, resulting in a decrease in business for establishments like his and Invictus Tattoo and Barbershop.

Limited Alternatives

Although there are on-street parking spaces available at a more reasonable rate of $2.50 per hour, the options are limited, with only 15 street spaces available between Richmond and Talbot streets. Moreover, the private lots not only have higher rates but also suffer from neglect, lacking proper maintenance and adequate lighting during nighttime.

Safety Concerns

Recognizing the safety risks associated with poorly lit parking lots, Bernatowycz took matters into his own hands. Invictus Tattoo and Barbershop directed spotlights from their establishment onto the adjacent parking lot, enhancing customer safety and protecting their business. Bernatowycz emphasizes that a well-lit environment deters potential criminals from vandalizing vehicles, reducing the risk of property damage.

Unfortunately, Kappos experienced a recent incident of vandalism on the same night when a neighboring business, Dimi’s Greek House, was targeted. Such safety concerns, coupled with the escalating costs, force business owners to contemplate difficult decisions for the future.

Seeking Solutions

While both business owners express their loyalty and love for downtown London, they stress the need for measures that can address the parking situation. Bernatowycz suggests implementing regulations to limit the extent of annual rate increases, ensuring more stability. Furthermore, additional city-owned lots are necessary for better control over parking options within the core area.

Support from Downtown London

The business owners acknowledge that Downtown London, the core’s business improvement agency, provides subsidies to offset on-street parking costs. However, they believe more needs to be done to maintain the attractiveness of the downtown area and keep customers coming in.

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