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Cryptocurrency Betting Platform ZKasino Under Scrutiny Amid Allegations of Financial Mismanagement

Reports suggest that ZKasino, a cryptocurrency betting platform, is facing backlash from users who are questioning the platform’s reliability and transparency. The platform’s official Telegram channel was rumored to have been banned, adding to the uncertainty surrounding ZKasino. However, confirmed that the account is still active, raising more questions about the situation.

Despite the mounting criticism, ZKasino has remained silent in response to requests for comments, further fueling concerns among its users. One significant issue that has come to light is the revelation that ZKasino’s deposit wallet holds a substantial amount of 10,500 Ether (ETH), valued at around $32 million. This disclosure has intensified scrutiny on the platform’s financial activities and management practices.

The allegations of fraud against the ZKasino team, as highlighted in a post by ZigZag founder Kedar Iyer, have exacerbated the distrust surrounding ZKasino. Iyer claimed that members of the ZKasino team defrauded former contractors and employees by withholding their pay for work completed on the platform.

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Colin Wu, a crypto journalist, also raised concerns about a change to ZKasino’s bridge interface, drawing attention to the removal of a crucial sentence regarding the return and bridging of Ethereum funds. This alteration, documented by the Wayback Machine, has raised further alarms about the platform’s transparency and operational procedures.

Moreover, the decision by cryptocurrency exchange MEXC to postpone the listing and withdrawal of ZKasino’s native token, ZKAS, has added to the turmoil. This move has left users unable to access their funds or engage with the betting platform as intended, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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