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## Situation in Lancashire

Lancashire based, the ongoing vandalism of my property has led me to contact the police for help. Unfortunately, investigations like this often have low success rates, leaving me wondering how I can gather more evidence to ensure consequences for the perpetrator.

## Evidence Gathering Efforts

A man has been caught on camera leaving my neighbor’s flat regularly around 2:30 am on his bike. Despite these visual clues, his identity remains unknown. On a recent occasion, he left his bike in a bush, took a circuitous route around the street, kicked a mirror multiple times causing damage, and then fled the scene. Despite this clear evidence, my neighbor denies any knowledge of the incident when confronted. This pattern of vandalism is not new to me, as I have experienced previous incidents over a 15-year period including derogatory messages etched into my car and slashed tires.

## Seeking Solution through Authorities

Feeling targeted and helpless, I am considering informing the police about these targeted attacks. Additionally, I am contemplating reaching out to the council regarding the anti-social behavior of a council house resident, even though there has been no conclusive police response. The resident in question insists that only she and her child reside in the flat, raising questions about the source of these repeated incidents.

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  • Ok-Relation-7172

    Sounds like it would be a good idea to install more CCTV, but to make sure the resolution is high enough.

    Sorry to hear you have had to put up with this sort of behaviour. 😭

  • LazyWash


    Whilst the police can circulate the person on CCTV if its of good quality and his face can be identified or any features that are noticable – the only response you are likely to get is that they will circulate and close the case until he is identified or someone is in the area, gets him and checks whether he is suspected to be the biker involved. But other than that, I wouldnt raise my hopes, CCTV cirulations arent forever and they are usually only last a few weeks or 6 months at most for low level crimes.

    If you feel you are targetted based on your nationality, then make the police aware, it wont affect that investigation much, just a box to tick and some questions about how and why you feel that way etc. Even if you mention it to the officer that you feel it isnt relevant, the police officer can still tick it as they may feel its relevant.

    If you wish to assist the investigation – gathering evidence of the movements as well as trying to get a clear picture (without being obvious) of the person you know/suspect to know is doing it, then this would be advisable. If the police can match any photos you get of the person along with descriptions of the bike and person, then this will aid in the decision making of whether the person at that address is the one that caused the damage. If that makes sense? If they cant be identified, then the Police nor the CPS can accurately say it is them, then the case wont go more than being closed and a sorry. If you can remove that doubt, the better.

  • spammerammer

    What age is her kid? If he’s a teenager, he might be sneaking out at night and she’s totally oblivious. Obviously adults ride bikes too but it does sound like a shitty teenage thing to do – sneak out, vandalise a car and then ride away on your bike.

  • bolterbrother


    I would report it, the person may be known to Police.

    However, the Police cannot compel your neighbour to identify the person if they refuse, so they may not be able to identify the person.

    Do you know if the property is a council house or belongs to a housing association?

    I would however report every incident of damage or abuse etc, even incidents of antisocial behaviour where no “crime” is committed
    This can demonstrate harassment and/or cause a community trigger for the ASB.

    If you feel you are targeted because of your race/ethnicity etc, it is also important you make this clear when speaking to the Police.

    Unfortunately horrible neighbours can be very difficult to deal with and the process can be long.

  • Psychological-Fox97

    Well for a start you could show your neighbour the recording?

  • tsdesigns

    Report to the police, and give the evidence over to your car insurance provider. They will persue it.

  • Strange-Owl-2097

    Nationality is a protected characteristic in this country. It is clearly the reason you are being targeted. Make sure the police are FULLY aware that this is the reason and you can be sure sure that with your evidence and statements of past abuse due to you being Polish something will get done. You have to make sure the complaint is made in regards to your nationality or they won’t do very much.

  • TheDoctor66

    It’s likely part of the council’s tenancy agreement that the tenant is responsible for the behavior of their guests, it is at the council I work for.

    The council will also have an anti-social behavior team, contact them and engage with their processes. It takes a long time and you have to log their behavior but they can get action. They should also take it seriously because dealing with ASB is one of the key metrics they are judged on by the housing regulator.

  • kailajay

    Unlike landlords, councils take ASB really seriously. Most council tenancy agreements will have ASB clauses, which include responsibility for guests.

    I am with a housing association linked to my local council. It’s in my lease that if I, or any guest of mine, shows any ASB then my lease could be ended, or they could choose not to renew my lease.

  • offaseptimus

    Does the CCTV have a clear picture of his face?