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## Father’s Unknowingly Incurred Credit Card Debt
Father, in his 60s, unknowingly transferred £4000 to a 12-month interest-free credit card three years ago. It has since ballooned to over £7000 due to lack of communication from the company. He did not receive any paper statements and was told to use the app, a fact he has forgotten. This situation was discovered by mother during an Experian check. Is there any recourse for disputing the additional fees? Would the company consider reducing the £3000 in extra charges? Any guidance on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. If necessary, we are willing to accept responsibility for the oversight.

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  • Public-Inflation3331

    Well I would have thought that he would have entered default and if the card issuer is adding charges along with chasing payment then a default letter should have been sent to him.

    I am dubious how he has received no letters or calls regarding missed payments.

  • Disastrous_Visual739

    3 years and no letter? what. I don’t believe there was no emails or letters.

    If that is the case though I think it’s reasonable to make a case to waive the late fee charges.

  • buckulus

    Did he accept / set up digital statements when opening the account? I’d imagine he did as it’s pretty standard these days, in which case he has no recourse and will need to pay.

  • The-Albear

    Check with r/LegalAdviceUK but I am 90% sure that UK credit companies are legally required to send you a statement by post every 12 months.

  • Chroiche

    Massively against regulations if true. Your father is in persistent debt, the company **must** make effort to contact him. The only way they’re not at fault is if he opted out of paper mail explicitly.

  • annedroiid

    r/LegalAdviceUK will be better help for you

  • Alarmarama

    I hate some of these moves away from paper for this exact reason. There is a huge huge difference between receiving post which adequately notifies you of what you need to know and expecting people to go digging manually into your system to find information. This is surely defensible on the grounds of a failure to notify.

    I’m annoyed at Tesco for the same reason because clubcard points expire after they get automatically converted to coupons, and the app just wasn’t notifying me of all this money that was just expiring when I was previously getting the coupons by post.

  • Emotional_Drama_2305

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I will find out more and update tomorrow. It’s all a bit of a shock finding this out. He’s a nightmare.

  • wallpapermate

    Section 7 of the CCA 2006 requires an annual statement. Complain, if declined go to FOS.

  • joshgeake

    Financial services companies cannot do this.

    The ombudsman will take a very, very dim view of this company’s behaviour.

    Follow their complaints process and be clear about what you want to happen. Don’t just accept their version of events. When they still won’t budge, take it to the ombudsman.

  • JHowler82

    I think your dad is lying about no correspondence.

  • ukpf-helper

    Hi /u/Emotional_Drama_2305, based on your post the following pages from our wiki may be relevant:


    ^(These suggestions are based on keywords, if they missed the mark please report this comment.)

  • Rich3O

    Don’t balance transfer cards require you to pay the minimum payment from the first month? So he should have set up a standing order immediately.

  • Dombhoy1967

    Tell him to bump it.

    Is he going to need credit any time soon?

    If no shove it up the companies arse.