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Title: Seeking Legal Recourse for a Coercive Sexual Assault: Understanding the Options in Florida

At the age of 15, I experienced a traumatic incident of sexual assault involving a person three years older than me. Now, as I approach my 20th birthday, I am seeking legal guidance regarding my chances of pursuing prosecution in the state of Florida. This article explores the situation, addresses potential concerns, and introduces how an AI Legalese Decoder can help navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Situation Overview:
The assault I experienced involved coercion, and I possess noteworthy text evidence to support my claims. However, with the perpetrator also being an immigrant who received his diploma in the United States, I am uncertain about my legal standing and the potential impact of any applicable statutes of limitations in Florida.

Statutes of limitations in Florida:
Florida, like many states, has specific statutes of limitations for different types of criminal offenses. While I am aware of the existence of a statute of limitations concerning assaults against minors, it remains unclear whether this encompasses sexual battery as well. Therefore, determining the correct course of action necessitates a thorough understanding of Florida law.

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As I approach adulthood, I am eager to explore the possibility of seeking justice for the traumatic experience I endured at the age of 15. With the assistance of the AI Legalese Decoder, I can acquire a deep understanding of Florida law and fully comprehend my legal standing. By leveraging this resource, I am equipped to make informed decisions regarding the pursuit of prosecution, ensuring that my rights are protected and justice is served.

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  • bluedotbirb

    I am a licensed social worker currently working with DVSA victims, but not in your state. I was able to find this information from RAINN. I have only attached the parts that apply to you. This information is specific to Florida.

    “The statute of limitations depends on the specifics of the acts committed and the relative ages of the offender and victim, as outlined below.

    Felony of the first degree if offender 18 or older commits sexual battery upon a person 12 years of age or older, but younger than 18, without that person’s consent, without using physical force and violence likely to cause serious personal injury;

    The statue of limitations for offenses committed before July 1,2020, is as follows:

    For a felony of the first degree, prosecution must commence within four years after commission of the offense;”

    Based on this information, the statute of limitations may be up for you depending on the exact date of the assault. You may need to act quickly. If the statute of limitations is up, you may still be able to file an *information report* with the police. An information report is a written report made to the police without opening a criminal investigation. This could be useful to police if there is later a report of him abusing someone else, it could help establish a pattern of behavior. Make sure if you report that you are reporting to the proper agency. Report to the agency with jurisdiction over where the assault *occurred* not where you currently reside.

    It may be beneficial for you to reach out to a DVSA center near you. They can assist you with reporting and provide emotional support and guidance. Best of luck!

  • s-dubya

    It appears that in Florida a 15 year old cannot consent to sex with an 18 year old. You can report this to the police.

  • IFaiLuRezZ


    Your question is ambiguous. Do you want this person criminally charged or do you want to sue them?

    You have no control over whether they are criminally charged; only a prosecutor can file charges. If you file a police report, the report may be sent to a prosecutor’s review.

    If you are trying to sue them, your main issue is the statute of limitations. Generally, 5 years is beyond any applicable statute of limitations, but you could consult with a local attorney.

  • shah_mazing

    You don’t get to decide. Make a police report and the prosecutor will decide if it’s chargeable

  • fox-bun

    800-799-7233 national DV hotline
    211 national resources hotline

    call them, they should be able to help you get in touch with:
    – social worker / case worker
    – laywers / attorneys
    – help filing paperwork like a personal protection order

    if all else fails, search for things in your local county like “legal aid” or “DV/SA advocate” or “women’s shelter” (even if you do not need to stay at the shelter, they will give you numbers for resources)

    best of luck & stay safe

  • Genericrpghero11

    Yea if you want this criminally charged you need to file a police report and a bunch of other people will be making this decision for you.

    If it’s a civil suit you need to contact a personal injury lawyer and speak to them.

    For a criminal case you are past the general statute of limitation in Fl but there are loopholes. You will need to go to your local police department for more guidance – be advised this will be a long painful process either way

  • Dangerous_Echo_1492

    Getting a diploma in the US. high school and/or college doesn’t mean you are a US citizen.

  • Effective_Writer_974

    Your best option would be to reach out to a local victim advocacy group that handles these types of cases all the time. They can walk you through all the different options available to you and also get you counseling if needed.

  • Sweet_Elk6635

    pretty sure its too late to do anything, think the statue of limitation is 3 years in FL

  • Genericrpghero11

    Yea if you want this criminally charged you need to file a police report and a bunch of other people will be making this decision for you.

    If it’s a civil suit you need to contact a personal injury lawyer and speak to them.

    For a criminal case you are past the general statute of limitation in Fl but there are loopholes. You will need to go to your local police department for more guidance – be advised this will be a long painful process either way

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