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# Situation: Vehicle Part Stolen

A few months ago, I experienced the unfortunate incident of having a part stolen from my vehicle. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to locate it for sale in any marketplace. This has left me with a sense of uncertainty, as I am fairly certain that the part being sold is indeed mine. However, I require one more confirmation to be absolutely sure, which involves seeing the part in person.

## Current Roadblock

The next steps in this situation have become a source of dilemma for me. I have reached out to the Police department that I initially filed my case with, but unfortunately, they have not responded yet. Furthermore, the location where the part is being sold is out of their jurisdiction. Understanding that there are more pressing matters at hand, I am left wondering what my course of action should be.

### Time Sensitivity

Given the nature of the situation, time is of the essence. If the stolen part is indeed being sold, there is a high likelihood that it will be gone soon. This adds a sense of urgency to the matter and necessitates a quick decision on my part.

#### Decisive Action Needed

Should I wait for a response from the authorities or take matters into my own hands by retrieving the part myself and then involving the appropriate law enforcement in that jurisdiction? This decision weighs heavily on me, as both options come with their own set of risks and uncertainties.

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  • NateNate60

    Go in person to the police station and ask for a civil standby while you arrange a meetup with the seller, where you will recover your property (and not pay, because it’s yours).

    If it happens within the city limits of the municipal police department, it’s within their “jurisdiction” (although police powers are valid state-wide). It’s much harder to ignore you or brush you off if you go in person.

  • DatBoi1-0

    What if.. after you have it in your hands and check it out and conclude it’s yours put it in your car then drive…

  • OU_Sooners

    **Gather Documents:**
    Print your part id information, receipt, and/or bank statement.

    **Contact Seller:**
    Reach out to the seller, confirm availability, if available ask to purchase it, find out their preferred payment method, and request a porch pickup. Wait for confirmation on porch pickup. This usually means that you will pick the package off their porch that they set out for you. No human contact required, usually. When you get confirmation that porch pickup is ok,

    **Create Receipt:**
    Generate and print a receipt using their information on Facebook (name, address, part description from their listing) as well as a copy of the Facebook post and your dialogue.

    **Transaction and Pickup:**
    Pay them via their preferred method and drive to the seller’s house to collect the part(s).

    **Visit Police Station:**
    Drive to the police station with the purchased part(s) and all related paperwork.

    **File Police Report:**
    File a police report and provide them with the necessary details.

    **Police Assistance:**

    Allow the police to take over the investigation and handle the situation from there.

    If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask!

  • OU_Sooners

    I would go buy it from the person and then deal with it directly with the police. I think that would be both the most straightforward and safest option for you.