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## Impact of Intersection Closure on Small Businesses in Downtown Kirkland

Starting April 1, an eight-week closure of the intersection of Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue is scheduled, causing concern among business owners in Downtown Kirkland. The closure is a part of the Lake Street Scramble project, which aims to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area. However, small businesses near the intersection are worried about the negative impact it will have on their operations.

### Concerns of Business Owners

Ozcan Saribas, the owner of Alanya Doner, expressed his apprehension about the closure, stating that it will significantly affect his Turkish restaurant located at the corner of the intersection. With limited access to customers due to the closure, Saribas fears a substantial loss of business, especially from walk-in customers who park to get food to go. The closure coinciding with construction continuing through December adds to the financial strain on businesses, prompting calls for more support from the city.

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### City Response and Business Support

Julie Underwood, KirklandÔÇÖs deputy city manager of operations, emphasized the necessity of the project for pedestrian safety and storm drain upgrades. Despite acknowledging the concerns raised by the community, the city maintains that the eight-week closure is the least disruptive option. While efforts will be made to maintain pedestrian and business access during construction, some business owners feel that the support provided by the city, such as signage and promotional materials, is insufficient.

### Call for Community Support

Danica Connors, manager at Herban Wellness, stressed the importance of community and city support for businesses facing challenges due to the closure. Connors highlighted the need for effective communication and tangible assistance to help businesses weather the disruption caused by the construction project. As small businesses in Downtown Kirkland brace for the intersection closure, solidarity and collaborative efforts are essential to support their resilience and sustainability in the face of adversity.

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