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## Boeing Executive Shake-Up Amid Safety Crisis

By Theo Leggett
Business correspondent, BBC News

**Date: 25 March 2024, 12:25 GMT**
*Updated 1 hour ago*

### Boeing Boss Dave Calhoun to Step Down Amid Safety Concerns

Boeing chief executive Dave Calhoun will depart from his position at the end of this year, attributing to a growing crisis surrounding the company’s safety reputation. The decision comes following a recent incident where an unused door detached from a Boeing 737 Max shortly after take-off in January, sparking concerns over the firm’s safety and quality control protocols.

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Boeing faces a criminal investigation and potential legal actions from passengers affected by the incident. The departure of Calhoun, along with the immediate retirement of the head of its commercial airlines division, signals a significant leadership change within the company.

### Necessity for Cultural Shift at Boeing

Analysts emphasize the need for a leadership overhaul at Boeing to address underlying cultural issues that have contributed to recent safety lapses. The introduction of fresh perspectives is deemed essential to reforming the company’s operational norms.

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### Continued Scrutiny on Boeing’s Safety Practices

Boeing’s safety standards have come under intense scrutiny, especially in the aftermath of two fatal crashes involving the 737 Max aircraft in 2018 and 2019. The incidents revealed weaknesses in the company’s safety practices and regulatory compliance, leading to widespread accusations of prioritizing profits over passenger safety.

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