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SpaceWERX Collaboration with Aerospace Corporation

The U.S. Space Force’s innovation arm SpaceWERX has joined forces with the Aerospace Corporation, a space-focused federally funded research and development center, to launch a groundbreaking initiative. This new program aims to provide start-up companies with the necessary resources to propel their technology offerings to the next level.

Through this strategic partnership, early-stage companies will have the opportunity to test and refine their technologies in a cutting-edge 100,000-square-foot “Technology Readiness Level” (TRL) bootcamp laboratory located in El Segundo, California. This initiative was announced by the Air Force Materiel Command on Wednesday.

Arthur Grijalva, the director of SpaceWERX, emphasized the importance of investing in and nurturing innovative ideas to facilitate their growth and development. The ultimate goal is to transition these technologies into programs that benefit both warfighters and the commercial market.

The inaugural cohort of the bootcamp will concentrate on areas such as in-space servicing, dynamic space operations, and assembly and manufacturing technologies. This unique opportunity will empower small businesses to tap into the extensive expertise that the Aerospace Corporation has accumulated in the space domain.

Maj. Jareth Lamb, the military deputy of SpaceWERX, highlighted the significance of this initiative in providing companies with essential tools for success. By leveraging the resources and knowledge offered by the Aerospace Corporation, SpaceWERX aims to support companies in successfully transitioning their technologies.

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