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## Agreement Outside of Court

Me and the mother have an agreement outside the courts through our lawyers. The agreement states that I have joint custody and I pay $200 weekly for child support through cash app. Despite this agreement, issues have arisen regarding the amount owed for child support and visitation rights.

## History of Disagreements

Four years ago, during our divorce, the mother prevented me from visiting or contacting my kids due to the fact that I had a girlfriend. As a result, I stopped paying child support, leading to a debt of $3,200. However, after a significant dispute, she eventually allowed me to see the kids again. Nevertheless, she continually increases the amount she claims I owe, escalating from $5,000 to $12,000 over the years.

## Evidence of Child Support Payments

I have bank statements that prove when I resumed paying child support. Despite this evidence, the mother refuses to allow me to see my kids, despite our joint custody agreement. This has led me to question the potential outcomes of this situation, including potential fines, incarceration, or a deadline to pay the $3,200 debt.

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