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## Popup Bar Opening in Rockville Centre

A new popup bar is set to open at 21 South Park Avenue in Rockville Centre. This exciting development is sure to add to the vibrant nightlife scene in the area.

## Memory Motel Pop-up Venue in Montauk

Memory Motel, a beloved night spot in Montauk, is launching a popup venue on March 24. This coincides with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Rockville Centre, providing locals and visitors with even more entertainment options.

## Tribute to Rolling Stones’ Song

The original Montauk location of Memory Motel was immortalized by the iconic Rolling Stones’ song in 1976. The popup venue will pay homage to this rich history while offering a fresh and modern experience.

## Increasing Popularity of Popup Bars

Popup bars are gaining popularity due to their novelty and cost-effectiveness. They provide a unique and temporary experience for customers, making them a trendy choice for both owners and patrons.

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## Memory Motel’s Unique Offering

Memory Motel will be sharing space with Rozu, a sushi and omakase restaurant, creating a dynamic dining and entertainment experience. This collaboration will bring a “sushi-based speakeasy concept” to life, adding to the allure of the popup venue.

## Exciting Features at Memory Motel

The popup bar will be open on Fridays and Saturdays, offering indoor and outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy. With familiar DJs, staff, and signature drinks, patrons can expect the same high-quality experience found at other Memory Motel locations. Additionally, the venue will feature iconic signage, a photo booth, and even a competitive basketball machine for added entertainment.

## Past Success of Memory Motel

Memory Motel previously debuted a popup version in Manhattan’s East Village last fall, which was well-received by patrons. This track record of success bodes well for the upcoming popup venue in Montauk, promising an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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