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**STLCC Receives Bellwether Award for Healthcare Workforce Plan**

St. Louis Community College has been honored with the prestigious 2024 Bellwether Award for its innovative strategic plan aimed at addressing the ongoing healthcare workforce shortages in the St. Louis region. The award-winning initiative, titled “Show-Me Synergy: Growing the Healthcare Workforce in St. Louis,” was spearheaded by STLCC’s health sciences division and was recognized in the Workforce Development category for its outstanding contributions. The program focuses on fostering strategic alliances and partnerships, both public and private, to drive community and economic development efforts.

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ÔÇ£This prestigious award is a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of numerous individuals and organizations who have worked tirelessly over the past six years to tackle the critical shortage of healthcare professionals in our region,ÔÇØ remarked Dr. Jeff L. Pittman, Chancellor of STLCC.

**Expanding Nursing Education and Industry Partnerships**

William Hubble, the district division dean of academic affairs for health sciences at STLCC, along with Jordan Cooper, district dean of nursing, and Kim Kraft, nursing placement coordinator, shared insights and experiences at the Community College Futures Assembly. Their goal is to inspire other communities to replicate the success of their workforce development initiatives.

In 2017, STLCC took significant steps to enhance its nursing associate degree program by increasing capacity and eliminating the two-year waiting period for program admission. Furthermore, the college introduced various support measures, including tuition assistance and testing accommodations, to ensure the readiness and success of students in the nursing program.

**Fostering Collaborative Partnerships for Healthcare Success**

Throughout the project, STLCC has collaborated with hospital and clinical partners to expand clinical training sites, organize hiring events, and provide financial assistance to students in exchange for a commitment to work with the healthcare organization post-graduation.

ÔÇ£Our collaboration with STLCC and involvement in this project exemplifies our commitment to community teamwork and patient-centered care by hiring graduates who align with our mission of ÔÇÿImproving the lives of the Communities we serve,ÔÇÖÔÇØ stated Rick Stevens, President of Christian Hospital at BJC HealthCare.

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