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## “X Marks the Spot” Festival in Paducah, KY Celebrates the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

The “X Marks the Spot” Festival in downtown Paducah is a vibrant event bringing people from near and far together to witness and celebrate the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. The festival is a collaborative effort between Wildhair Studios Rock Shop, Paducah Main Street, Beautiful Paducah, and other organizations. It is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on Monday and will continue until 4 p.m.

### Susan Edwards and Wildhair Studios Rock Shop

Susan Edwards, the owner of Wildhair Studios Rock Shop, is the creative mind behind the festival. Recognizing the influx of tourists in Paducah during the 2017 eclipse, Edwards saw an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Paducah and attract more visitors. The Wildhair Studios Rock Shop experienced a surge in tourists, reflecting the growing interest in the city.

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### Support for Local Businesses

Local businesses like Johns PASS Carriage Service, owned by Char Diesel, have also seen increased activity due to the festival. Carriage rides have been in high demand, indicating a bustling atmosphere in the downtown area. Visitors like Susan Flaherty from Richmond, Virginia, are enthusiastic about supporting local businesses while enjoying the eclipse spectacle.

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### Showcasing the Beauty of Paducah

Edwards and other locals are keen on showcasing the unique charm of Paducah to visitors. They emphasize the importance of exploring the city beyond standard accommodations and experiencing the vibrant local culture. By immersing themselves in the community, visitors can truly appreciate what Paducah has to offer.

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