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AI Legalese Decoder: Can Individuals Receiving Disability Benefits Apply for SNAP?

Individuals who are receiving disability benefits may be eligible to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP provides assistance to low-income individuals and families to help them afford nutritious food. If you are receiving disability benefits and meet the income requirements, you may be eligible to receive SNAP benefits.

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  • RickyRacer2020

    SNAP is a State administered program whose eligibility varies by State. Check your State’s guidelines. It’s often the case that the income from SSDI exceeds the income limits of the State’s SNAP program so again, check your state’s requirements as other things such as family size impacts decisions about SNAP too.

  • Spare-Sky1322

    “apply” is the key word. Anybody can apply for SNAP. Being approved for it is a different matter and that all depends on income vs expenses and meeting the program requirements. Most people on Disability will qualify for at least some SNAP

  • Reasonable-Company71

    It all depends. I’m on SSDI, single with no children. I get SNAP but every year when they raise the COLA it puts me over the income limit so I lose it then have to re-apply all over again.

  • Cynncat

    Yes you can apply for snap if you are on Ssi/ssdi

  • Clean-Signal-553

    Most ppl get on Medicaid and snap waiting for SSDI virtually impossible without it.

  • Maxpowerxp

    Answer is always it depends. Depends on how much disability payment you are getting and depends on the individual state policy.

  • CommercialWorried319

    Sure but you may get nothing or very little, I get a whole 23$

  • tvtoms

    I’ve been on SNAP since 2012, was on TA, got my SSDI, still on SNAP. It’s based on your needs, so you should apply and /or look up SNAP eligibility guidelines for your state.

  • KissMyGrits60

    I am blind, on a Social Security disability income, I am 63 years young, almost 64 next month. I get snap benefits, here in the state of Florida where I live, and I get a total whopping $95 a month. And I make about $1044 a month. I also have to have Medicaid.

  • MeepleMerson

    SNAP is a completely separate program individually administered by the states. It has it’s own qualifications, but none of them prohibit receiving SSDI as such, though they can count SSDI as income for the purpose of determining eligibility and benefits.

  • cm0270

    Possibly. Call and see. Would also go by total income usually if not mistaken. Don’t take my word for it. Call Health and Human Services.

  • eathealthy4lyfe

    I get snap thru my state since my disability is 963 a month.

  • TheUnknownD

    It’s shocking how much free stuff you can have by being on social security.

  • No_Independence8747

    They wouldn’t let me. I think it’s because I have a case pending with ssdi