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## Embracer Group Divides Business Structure

The company that owns IP rights to the *Lord of the Rings* franchise, Embracer Group, is undergoing a significant transformation. Embracer Group has announced plans to split into three separate operations: games publisher Asmodee Group, indie gaming label Coffee Stain & Friends, and Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends. This restructuring will include the housing of iconic franchises such as *Lord of the Rings* and *Tomb Raider* under the Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends umbrella. This transition will involve each company being publicly listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, with Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends remaining within the existing listed Embracer Group.

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Embracer’s largest shareholder, CEO Lars Wingefors, is spearheading this strategic shift and envisions a “new long-term ownership structure” to support the three entities. The restructuring program, initiated since June of the previous year, has focused on cost savings, capital allocation, efficiencies, and consolidation. Moreover, the company has divested businesses such as Gearbox Entertainment to Take-Two Interactive.

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Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends will primarily focus on gaming development and publishing for PC and console platforms, while also managing the *Lord of the Rings* and *Tomb Raider* franchises. The new structure is expected to enhance the potential of these strategic franchises and bolster the company’s position in the gaming industry.

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As Embracer Group embarks on this transformative journey, the appointment of key executives and the formation of a new long-term ownership structure underscore the company’s commitment to sustainable growth and success. Embracer’s acquisition of Middle-earth Enterprises in 2022 and the subsequent strategic decisions reflect a forward-thinking approach to business development.

### Conclusion

In conclusion, Embracer Group’s division into three distinct entities marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. With a focus on specialized business models and visionary leadership teams, Embracer is poised for continued success and growth in the gaming and entertainment industry. By leveraging tools like AI legalese decoder, Embracer can navigate the legal complexities of this restructuring and ensure a seamless transition into this new chapter of its business journey.

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