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**Heavy Rains Cause Flash Flooding, Cancellations, and Power Outages**

On Sunday, the Northeastern region of the United States was hit by heavy rains for the second time in a week, leading to flash flooding, canceled flights, and power outages. The situation was exacerbated by already saturated grounds from previous rainfall. In Pennsylvania, a sudden flash flood on Saturday claimed the lives of at least five individuals.

**Flash Flood in Upper Makefield Township, Pennsylvania**

Officials in Bucks County’s Upper Makefield Township reported torrential rains in the Washington Crossing area on Saturday evening. The deluge caused several cars to be swept away, and tragically, at least five people lost their lives. The authorities are still searching for two missing children – a 9-month-old boy and his 2-year-old sister.

**Heavy Rain and Landslide Concerns in Vermont**

Vermont, along with other parts of the East Coast, experienced heavy rains, leading to concerns about landslides. Flash flood warnings were issued throughout the state, and Vermont Governor Phil Scott urged residents to remain vigilant and prepared for potential dangers.

**Flight Cancellations and Delays in the New York City Area**

Strong storms on Sunday forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights at airports in the New York City area. Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey saw more than 350 flight cancellations, while Kennedy International Airport in New York had over 280 flights canceled. Additionally, numerous flights faced delays, causing inconvenience for passengers.

**Flash Flood Warnings and Power Outages**

The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings and tornado watches for parts of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. As a result of the storms, thousands of power outages were reported, leaving residents without electricity.

**Governor’s Warning and Safety Measures**

New York Governor Kathy Hochul urged people to stay at home until the storms subsided. She stressed the unpredictable nature of flash floods and the need to avoid unnecessary travel, as even a seemingly safe car can quickly become a deadly trap.

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