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Northern Countries Push for Stronger Focus on Digital Infrastructure in EU

Northern countries within the EU, represented by a coalition of German and Baltic digital ministers, are advocating for a more robust approach to digital infrastructure, standards, and data sharing in the upcoming mandate of the European Commission. The ministers, part of the “Innovation Club,” are urging the next Commission to prioritize these areas to enhance the competitiveness of the European Bloc.

Their vision, presented in a recent press conference, emphasizes the completion of the Digital Single Market and calls for greater pragmatism and efficiency in achieving these goals. The ministers believe that by emphasizing the innovative capabilities of the free market, particularly in the digital sector, Europe can better position itself globally. This entails reducing state intervention, discouraging isolationist policies, and fostering more freedom for European companies.

German Digital Affairs and Transport Minister Volker Wissing stressed the importance of the state focusing on core tasks such as creating investment-friendly and competition-friendly conditions for broadband expansion. Estonia’s Minister of Economy and Information Technology Tiit Riisalo highlighted the need for regulatory and technological sandboxes to accelerate innovation and the development of data-driven services.

In addition, the countries propose increasing the representation of EU experts in standardization bodies to ensure that European businesses remain competitive globally and have a voice in setting standards. While the EU’s 27 telecom ministers have also expressed similar views in their recent conclusions on the Future of EU Digital Policy, the Innovation Club believes that more comprehensive coverage of digital policy areas is necessary.

The ministers are open to collaboration with other EU member states to build support for their approach in technology council meetings. This initiative, driven by Germany, seeks to unite leading countries within the EU to shape the agenda for the next Commission and advance digital priorities collectively.

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