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# SBA’s Women’s Business Summit Roundtable Discussion at the White House

## Introduction
Ahead of the SBAÔÇÖs WomenÔÇÖs Business Summit, Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman hosted a roundtable discussion at the White House with small business owners, SBA resource partners, and lenders. This event aimed to address the challenges faced by women in business and explore solutions that can support their entrepreneurial endeavors.

## Event Details
On Monday, March 25, Administrator Guzman led the SBAÔÇÖs first-ever Child Care Conference, emphasizing the importance of child care infrastructure for a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem. She highlighted the detrimental impact of child care gaps on small business owners and discussed the initiatives taken by the Biden-Harris Administration to address this issue.

In a series of events, Administrator Guzman engaged in private breakfast conversations with industry leaders, participated in a fireside chat, and convened a roundtable with stakeholders to share her vision for improving the child care ecosystem. The discussions centered around new SBA resources for entrepreneurs in the care economy and strategies to enhance support for working caregivers.

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## Impact of Child Care Challenges
The significance of addressing child care challenges was underscored by the statistics revealing that employers lose $23 billion annually due to these issues, and better child care could significantly enhance productivity for working caregivers. The Biden-Harris AdministrationÔÇÖs commitment to tackling structural barriers in the childcare sector, such as low wages and high costs, was highlighted as a pivotal step towards creating a more supportive environment for families and care workers.

## Conclusion
Administrator Guzman’s efforts to drive meaningful conversations and policy changes in the child care landscape exemplify the commitment to empowering women in business and fostering a conducive environment for small business growth. Through collaborative initiatives and innovative solutions, the SBA aims to address the pressing challenges faced by working caregivers and advance the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

For follow-up interview requests with Administrator Guzman, please contact Teddy Lake at [email protected].

## Contacts
– Christine Saah-Nazer, U.S. Small Business Administration, 202-756-0304, [email protected]
– Han Nguyen, U.S. Small Business Administration, 202-756-0304, [email protected]

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