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China’s Foreign Minister Ousted in Surprise Shake-up of Leadership

Hong Kong

China’s foreign minister Qin Gang was dramatically ousted on Tuesday after a prolonged absence from public view and replaced by his predecessor in a surprising and highly unusual shake-up of the country’s foreign policy leadership. The sudden move, approved by the top decision-making body of China’s rubber-stamp parliament, comes as mystery has swirled around the fate of Qin, who has not been seen in public for a month. No reason has yet been given for Qin’s departure but his predecessor Wang Yi will now step back into the role, authorities confirmed.

This unexpected development has raised speculation and uncertainty regarding Qin’s disappearance and the implications it may have on Chinese foreign affairs. It comes in the middle of a busy and important diplomatic period for China, as the country emerges from its pandemic isolation and seeks to mend strained relationships with international partners. The appointment of a new foreign minister occurred during a meeting of the China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee, deviating from past precedent. These circumstances highlight the need for transparency and accurate information in understanding this situation.

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