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Boil Water Advisory Lifted for South County Areas

California American Water Company (Cal-Am) has announced that the boil water advisory for affected areas in South County has been lifted. This advisory was implemented on August 24, 2023, due to E. coli contamination in the drinking water.

The County of San Diego Emergency Operations Center, along with the State, Cal-Am, and the affected cities, worked collaboratively to inform the public about the advisory. The County also provided guidance to impacted healthcare facilities and restaurants.

After extensive water testing conducted by Cal-Am and the State Water Resources Control BoardÔÇÖs Division of Drinking Water (DDW), it has been determined on Saturday afternoon that the water is now safe to drink. Affected customers are no longer required to boil their water or rely on bottled water.

The boil water advisory affected portions of Imperial Beach, the City of Coronado south of FiddlerÔÇÖs Cove, certain customers within the City of San Diego neighborhoods of Nestor and Otay Mesa West, and portions of Southwest Chula Vista. More than 17,000 customer accounts, amounting to approximately 106,000 people, were impacted.

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Cal-Am has already notified its impacted customers regarding the lift of the boil water advisory, and the information will also be shared by affected cities and agencies.

The County Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) is working with restaurants to offer updated guidance and resources on how to resume operations now that the advisory is no longer in effect. Restaurants can contact DEHQ at (858) 505-6900 or [email protected] for assistance.

Businesses affected by the boil water advisory are requested to complete a voluntary Boil Water Advisory Economic Impact Survey. This survey will help determine if the County should seek state and/or federal assistance. It is important to note that completing the survey does not guarantee eligibility or receipt of assistance, and it does not substitute the need to submit a claim with Cal-Am or insurance companies. The survey must be completed by September 15.

County Public Health will continue monitoring for health-related issues and advises anyone experiencing gastrointestinal problems or other symptoms to contact their healthcare provider.

For additional information on affected schools and guidelines for residential customers, please contact California American Water at 1-888-237-1333 or visit the California American Alert page.

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