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The Hanover Insurance Group appoints Charles F. Hamann as President of Small Commercial

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE: THG) has announced the appointment of Charles (Chip) F. Hamann as the president of small commercial. This appointment reflects the company’s strategy to better serve its agents and small business customers.

With more than 35 years of industry experience, Charles F. Hamann is a highly knowledgeable and respected leader within the organization. He has been with The Hanover since 2002, previously serving as the deputy president and chief underwriting officer of small commercial. Prior to joining The Hanover, Hamann held significant positions at OneBeacon Insurance and Chubb Insurance. He holds a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Hamilton College.

The appointment of Charles F. Hamann is seen as a positive development for The Hanover, as he played a key role in the growth of the small commercial portfolio. His extensive experience will help drive even greater growth in this sector, while meeting the needs of the company’s agent partners and small business customers. This new appointment comes as Michael R. Keane takes on a new role focusing on the company’s long-term strategy.

The Hanover’s small commercial offerings include a wide range of products across standard and specialty lines, designed to address the diverse risks faced by small business customers. The company also provides an industry-leading customer service center with specialized capabilities and risk management services to minimize risk.

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About The Hanover

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE: THG) is the holding company for several property and casualty insurance companies, making it one of the largest insurance businesses in the United States. The company offers exceptional insurance solutions through a select group of independent agents and brokers. Together with its agent partners, The Hanover provides standard and specialized insurance protection for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as homes, automobiles, and other personal items.

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