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Union Fire District of South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Firefighters work to extinguish a fire on Block Island, Rhode Island.

Large Fire Causes Devastation in Historic Hotel

On Friday night, a large fire broke out in the Harborside Inn hotel, a historic landmark located in the smallest town of the nation’s smallest state, Block Island, Rhode Island. The fire has caused significant damage to the hotel, leaving the area with limited water and no power. As a result, a state of emergency has been declared on the island. Multiple agencies responded to the fire and all guests were safely evacuated. First responders are working tirelessly to restore water and power to nearby businesses. Ferry service into the island has also been restored, allowing for transportation of essential resources.

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Unique Challenges for First Responders

New Shoreham, the town where the fire occurred, is the smallest town in the state of Rhode Island. This presented logistical challenges for first responders, as they needed to be ferried onto the island to provide resources and assist in extinguishing the fire. The fire department of Block Island had never before responded to such an incident, highlighting the rare occurrence of such a large-scale fire in the area. The response time was further delayed by the need to transport crews via Coast Guard boat.

Impact on Local Businesses

The Harborside Inn is a well-known and frequented establishment on Block Island. Its sudden destruction has had a significant impact on local businesses. Block Island Reservations, which manages the inn and nearby hotels, reported damage to their central office and inventory. As a result, they have been forced to cancel and refund reservations for all their properties on the island until August 24th. The State of Rhode Island is coordinating efforts with the US Small Business Administration and the Rhode Island Commerce team to provide assistance to the affected businesses.

Governor’s Response and Support

Governor Dan McKee expressed gratitude for the diligent work of emergency responders following the fire. He acknowledged the challenges they faced, including dealing with a tornado and severe thunderstorms in addition to the fire. The state government is actively working with the relevant authorities to provide assistance and support to the affected small businesses. This collaborative effort aims to help them recover and rebuild in the aftermath of this devastating incident.


The fire at the Harborside Inn hotel on Block Island has caused immense damage and disruption. However, with the tireless efforts of first responders and the support of the government, the island and its businesses will work towards recovery. The utilization of AI legalese decoder will provide invaluable assistance in navigating the legal aspects of the situation, helping individuals and businesses understand their rights and options moving forward.

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