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American Airlines Sweetens Labor Contract Offer Ahead of Ratification Vote

American Airlines has increased its offer for a new pilot contract by over $1 billion in response to a preliminary deal reached last week between rival United Airlines and its pilots. The updated offer from American Airlines would bring the total value of the four-year contract to approximately $9 billion, matching United’s pay rates, backpay, and additional benefits such as sick time and life insurance. CEO Robert Isom conveyed the details of the improved offer in a message to pilots on Friday.

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Background on Negotiations

The negotiation for new contracts between airlines and pilot unions has been ongoing for several years. The COVID-19 pandemic has given unions increased bargaining power as the industry faces a prolonged pilot shortage, compounded by a rebound in travel demand. In March, Delta Air Lines pilots approved a new agreement, including substantial raises over a four-year period.

The Impact on American Airlines Pilots

American Airlines’ pilots were scheduled to begin voting on the proposed contract on Monday. The revised offer includes a 21% pay bonus and compensation on par with what United and Delta offer their pilots. The Allied Pilots Association, the union representing American Airlines’ pilots, stated on Friday that its leadership will evaluate whether the comprehensive proposal from management justifies bringing it to a membership vote.

Flexibility in Negotiations

If the proposed changes are not approved in time for the vote, CEO Robert Isom assured that the company is willing to return to the bargaining table. Isom emphasized the need for careful consideration of any modifications as they can have a significant impact on the complex operations of the airline. The process of reconsidering all items would require more time, but American Airlines is committed to reaching a mutually agreeable deal.

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