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**CNN Report: UNC Graduate Student Charged with Murder of Faculty Member**

In a tragic incident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a graduate student has been charged with the murder of a faculty member. Tailei Qi, the suspect, was taken into custody and is facing charges of first-degree murder and possessing a gun on education property. The victim, Zijie Yan, was an associate professor in the department of Applied Physical Sciences and had been working at UNC since 2019. Shockingly, Yan was also Qi’s faculty adviser.

Qi’s UNC biographical page, which has since been deleted, revealed that he entered the university in 2022 and had previously studied at Louisiana State University and Wuhan University. As the investigation continues, police are still searching for both the motive behind the shooting and the weapon used.

The incident occurred during the early afternoon, causing the university, which is home to over 30,000 students, to be placed on lockdown for hours. The suspect was apprehended about 90 minutes after the shooting took place at Caudill Laboratories, a chemistry studies building on campus.

UNC Police Chief Brian James emphasized the importance of gathering evidence to determine the exact circumstances of the incident and its motive. Detectives are currently unable to establish a motive until they have the opportunity to speak with the suspect. Additionally, authorities have yet to find the firearm and are unsure whether it was obtained legally. Fortunately, no other individuals sustained injuries during the shooting.

The tragedy has deeply affected the university community, with UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz expressing the need to rebuild trust and safety within the campus community. It remains unclear whether the victim and the assailant were acquainted, and this information will only be uncovered through interviews with the suspect and available witnesses.

As a result of the incident, classes and campus activities have been canceled for both Monday and Tuesday. The UNC system, which consists of 17-member universities, is currently in its second week of fall semester classes.

After receiving 911 calls about the shooting, university police promptly alerted students to seek shelter indoors, close windows and doors, and await further instructions. CNN affiliate WRAL shared footage of the campus, showing a significant presence of police vehicles with flashing lights. Individuals leaving nearby buildings were seen walking out in a single-file line with their hands raised.

It is worth noting that police briefly detained one person before arresting the suspect; however, they determined that person was not involved. The correct individual was taken into custody shortly after 2:30 p.m., at which point the university continued to remain on lockdown as authorities worked to confirm his identity and locate the firearm.

UNC Chapel Hill has a sizable student body of approximately 32,000 students, along with over 4,000 faculty members and 9,000 staff members. The FBI is assisting with evidence-gathering efforts, and the tragic UNC shooting adds to the disturbing tally of 49 school shootings reported in the US so far this year, including 34 incidents in K-12 campuses and 15 on university and college campuses, according to CNN’s count.

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