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Trucking Company Owner Claims Owed Money by Catawba Brewing

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — The owner of a trucking company claims he is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from Catawba Brewing, according to our partners at WLOS in Asheville.

Rickey McKinney owns Topline Trucking and told WLOS he’s been fighting for his payment for months and isn’t sure a resolution with be in sight. He says after Catawba Browing was bought out by Made by the Water, his company continued their contracts.

legal Disputes and Unpaid Invoices

According to McKinney, his business is owed $103,274.45; he said as his company continued to work, invoices were not getting paid. The trucking company owner alleges that promises to pay were made by Catawba Brewing, but eventually, they shut down their Morganton location without any notice. Catawba Brewing later closed its Charlotte and Wilmington locations as well.

With each location shutdown, McKinney’s hope for payment diminished. Catawba Brewing informed him that an audit of their business revealed the outstanding balance, but they were unable to pay it at the time.

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Persistent Dodging and Hope for Resolution

Despite returning one of Catawba Brewing’s trucks as promised, McKinney claims that the company has been avoiding contact and refusing to pay the outstanding balance. This situation not only impacts his livelihood but also affects his employees.

McKinney remains hopeful that he and his employees will eventually be paid, but he also wants to warn others about the risks of doing business with Catawba Brewing. By sharing his story and spreading awareness, he hopes that the company will realize the harm they are causing to a small business and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation amicably.

Statement from Catawba Brewing’s Parent Company

In response to WLOS’s inquiry, a representative from Catawba Brewing’s parent company stated that the outstanding Topline bills have not been resolved due to ongoing disputes between the parties involved. The representative’s statement suggests that the reason for the nonpayment is the lack of a resolution in the dispute.

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